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Chapter 5: Comic Stripsville.
We see the Magnet Falcon in deep space after leaving The Woo-Foo Battle Arena.
Inside the ship we see the heroes at the controls, Plucky is flying the ship with Sneezer who is writing down stuff in his journal on his shoulder, Bart is in the next seat holding Voltage in his arms, Hamton is in the seat next to Bart, Zim, Gir, Mini-Moose, Dib, Gaz and Gretchen are sitting in the back seats.
Everyone is quiet.
Just then Hamton breaks the silence.
Hamton:”You know we should really call the castle and tell them we found four more Wielders.”
Plucky:”Good point my fine pig, but let’s wait till we get more info on what other Lesser Known Shows we‘re up against.”
Zim:”I take it, nine bombed Nicktoons and a fat guy aren’t enough?”
Plucky:”Not yet, we don’t even know who the leaders of the those bombs are yet.”
Bart:”Too bad we couldn’t get a good look at the transmissions those bad Nicktoons got before we attacked them.”
Sneezer:”That would have really helped.”
Plucky:”Well, I bet on the next planet we’ll find out more info about the Lesser Knowns.”
Bart:”And maybe find out more about this keychain.”
Holds up the H keychain.
Just then...
Ship computer:”Approaching planet ahead!!!!!”
Bart:”Alright a new world to save! What’s this one called?”
Plucky looks at the computer.
Plucky:”Comic Stripsville.”
Hamton:”That sounds cool.”
Plucky:”Yes let’s hope there are more friends then foes on this planet.”
Gaz:”You said it.”
The ship gets closer to the planet.
Meanwhile on the planet known as Comic Stripsville....
A large secret underground base is seen full of high tech weapons, vehicles, missiles, tanks full of flying piranhas, other tanks full of other sea creatures and other stuff powerful enough to take out an army.
Just then a young boy with yellow spiked hair wearing a purple coat with red gloves and a red and purple stripped racing hat with goggles on it is seen walking down a hallway with a six foot tiger on his hind legs next to him who’s wearing a bullet proof vest.
The boy known as Calvin:”So any word on what we’re up against besides the bad strips and loser extras that were sooooooo awful they appeared in one strip or one episode of the show based on the strip?”
The tiger known as Hobbes:”Not yet. All we know as of now is it’s thirteen of the worst strips in comic history, eight extras from Garfield and Friends and seven extras from our strip. They are REALLY ticked off with us and the other good strips, cause WE the REAL stars got all the fame, while all the LOSERS got nothing but pure hate. Also their base is at the old school.”
Calvin:”What do you expect from strips that have NO humor at all and extras that are soooooo awful they aren’t given names?”
Hobbes:”Well said my friend.”
They continue walking down the hallway past other weapons and framed photos of the creators of the good strips hanging on the walls: Bill Watteson, Jim Davis, Mike Peters, Bill Amend, Berkeley Breathed, Mark Tatulli, Stephan Pastis, Gary Larson, Scott Adams, Jim Toomey, Steve Breen and Mike Thompson.
Calvin:”So which strips and extras have turned to the evil side?”
Hobbes takes out a notepad from his vest and starts to read it.
Hobbes:”From what the bugging devices gathered, the now evil strips are the Fusco Brothers.”
Hobbes:”Baby Blues.”
Calvin:”Not surprised, after that show bombed, it got way worse. They should change the strip’s name to ‘Brat Blues’.”
Hobbes:”Nice one. Cathy, no one here cared when she ended.”
Calvin:”Good riddance.”
Calvin:”After that movie, I don’t blame him.”
Hobbes:”For Better Or For Worse.”
Calvin:”More losers.”
Hobbes:”Rose Is Rose.”
Calvin:”Biggest losers ever.”
Hobbes:”The Family Circus.”
Calvin:”We all knew it would happen one day.”
Calvin:”Dumb teenagers.”
Hobbes:”Dennis The Menace, who is REALLY mad with us cause when we got made everyone forgot about him.”
Calvin:”What do you expect from a boy who’s movie bombed.”
Calvin:”He wore out his time here.”
Hobbes:”Cul De Sac.”
Calvin:”Not surprised, they sucked since day one.”
Hobbes:”And the worst of all comic strips that EVERYONE here hates, Kid Inc.”
Calvin:”We get first dibs on killing them. What about extras?”
Hobbes:”From Garfield and Friends, that grouchy brown dog.”
Calvin:”Bigger jerk.”
Hobbes:”Those two stupid crows.”
Hobbes:”Mr. Burnside.”
Calvin:”Blimp on the ground.”
Hobbes:” And Gort, Mort and Wort.”
Calvin:”Stupid pigs, I can almost smell the bacon when they are dead.”
Hobbes:”Now from our strip’s extras.”
Calvin:”I don’t like the sound of that. But a bright side is we can kill them, you may continue.”
Hobbes:”Moe the bully.”
Calvin:”Good, I can finally kill him.”
Hobbes:”Miss Wormwood.”
Calvin:”Good she’ll die alone and a virgin.”
Calvin:”Good I have a missile with her name on it.”
Hobbes:”Those three brats from the baseball story that got mad at you over a mistake.”
Calvin:”What do you expect from guys that only appear in two strips and don’t have names?”
Hobbes:”And finally Mr. Lockjaw.”
Calvin:”Call me a quitter will he? His head is going to look nice mounted over the fireplace.”
Hobbes:”Right on. The others are waiting for us in the meeting room.”
The boys keep walking till they make it to the meeting room door and go in.
They take their seats at the head of a long large table with their allies, the good strips.
The other good strips that were in the meeting room with Calvin and Hobbes were: Garfield, Odie, Jon, Arline, Liz, Orson, Wade, Roy, Booker, Sheldon, Bo and Lanolin from Garfield the strip and Garfield and Friends. Grimmy, Attila, Hamm and Mother Goose from Mother Goose and Grimm. Jason Fox, Marcus Jones, Quincy the Iguana, Eileen and Phoebe from Foxtrot. Rat, Pig, Goat, Zebra, Guard Duck and Mr. Snuffles from Pearls Before Swine. Kate Macfarlane, Gabby Macfarlane, Michael Macfarlane and Rudy the good dog from Grand Avenue. Opus the Penguin, Bill The Cat, Milquetoast the Cockroach, Milo Bloom, Michael Binkley, Oliver Wendell Jones, Cutter John, Steve Dallas, Hodge Podge, Portnoy, Rosebud the Bassalope and the Banana Junior 6000 from Bloom County. A bunch of animals and people from The Far Side. Heart, Dean, Kat and Spock the cat from Heart of the City. Lio who was their weapons maker from Lio. Sherman the shark, his wife Megan, their son Herman, Ernest the fish, Fillmore the sea turtle and Hawthorn the crab from Sherman’s Lagoon who are in a giant fish tank built into the wall. Their chief advisers Dilbert, Dogbert, Catbert, Ratbert, Wally, Alice, Ashook, Loud Howard and The Garbageman from Dilbert the strip and the series. And finally Calvin’s loyal grandfather Dick Dastardly and his sidekick Muttley.
Calvin:”Is everyone here?”
Dogbert:”Everyone but the pointy haired boss sir, who we sent out early today to see if things were safe and he was killed by the shadow creatures in ten seconds flat, proven it’s still not safe outside.”
Wally:”Good riddance.”
Ratbert:”Too bad we never heard his real name once, now we don’t know what to crave on his tombstone.”
Dilbert:”And there was nothing left for the funeral even if we did have a tombstone.”
Everyone:”HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!”
Calvin:”OK, back on topic. As you all know the planet is being attacked by bad strips, lame extras and from what that blue rabbit king told us the shadow creatures are called the Parodies and they are in link with the Lesser Known Shows Army who want to destroy all the popular and creative stuff in the universe.”
Dean:”How dangerous are the Parody creatures, besides what they did to the pointy haired boss?”
Calvin:”From what that King told us, the Parodies have the power to take over any living creature, drain everything creative from their brains, along with the feelings and memories of loved ones and then make them write non-stop fanfiction parodies till what they copy is ruined and the creatures they take over dies making the Parodies stronger enough to enter the keyholes of a planet and destroy the planet once and for all.”
Everyone is shocked.
Dean:”OK, that IS bad.”
Calvin:”But there is good news.”
Garfield:”Which is?”
Calvin:”Each planet has fifteen keyholes, to destroy a planet the Parodies have to enter all fifteen keyholes, but if so much as one or more keyholes are locked the Parodies can’t destroy the world.”
Hobbes:”Which is good cause when that bunny was here, he locked his keyhole and saved the planet.”
Calvin:”He also mentioned his wizard and captain of the knights will be here with the wielders of other keys they found.”
Grimmy:”Did he say when they be here?”
Hobbes:”He didn’t say. But they might be here soon. We hope.”
Jason:”So now what do we do? Wait until they get here? That could take days!!! And who knows what those jerks might do to us and the planet by the time they get here!!!”
Opus:”He has a good point guys.”
Everyone agrees.
Calvin:”I couldn’t argue with you more on that cousin. But we can’t give up THAT easy! We all have one thing those numbskulls will NEVER have!!!!”
Jon:”Which is?”
Calvin:”Fans who are loyal to us no matter what!”
Rat:”He’s right, those bad strips aren’t fit to line a bird cage!!!!”
Calvin:”Glad you all agree.”
Dilbert:”So what do we do in the meantime?” We have to do something.”
Calvin:”He’s right. Banana Junior 6000, suggestions?”
The Banana Junior 6000 then read his suggestions off his screen.
Banana Junior 6000:”Suggestion 1: Wait till the villains attack and fight right away.”
Calvin:”Good, but we won’t be ready. Next.”
Banana Junior 6000:”Suggestion 2: Attack the villains base in a sneak attack.”
Calvin:”They’ll be expecting that and there are more bad strips then good strips. Next.”
Banana Junior 6000:”Suggestion 3: Send a team outside the base to find the Wielders and strengthen our numbers.”
Calvin:”That one sounds good, we need all the help we can get.”
Everyone else agrees.
Calvin:”So, any volunteers to go out of the base and find the Wielders?”
Everyone is quiet.
Calvin:”Ah come on! Don’t tell me you guys are scared to leave the base cause of a bunch of bad strips, bad extras and those awful Parody creatures!!!!!”
Wade:”I am!”
Calvin:”I knew you would say that Wade. But I expect better from the rest of you guys!!!!!!”
Michael Binkley:”It’s more then just those guys sir! Who knows what else is out there with those guys!”
Hobbes:”That bunny did say the bad strips and extras are in link with the Lesser Knows aka the Forgotten Shows.”
Milo Bloom:”And who knows how many of them will be out there!”
Grimmy:”It might be very dangerous for a small group to be out in the open.”
Attila:”And they might find the base and attack us in it when we aren’t looking.”
Calvin:”OK, OK, If you put it that way I’ll go out and find the Wielders if they are here.”
Hobbes:”Well, if you’re going, I’m coming with my best friend.”
Calvin:”See?! Hobbes isn’t scared!”
Dick Dastardly:”Well if you boys are going I might as well come as well.”
Muttley:”Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah! Me too!”
Calvin:”Thanks grandpa, Muttley. Since we’re going out I want the rest of you guys to keep making more weapons and missiles for the battle. Jason, you’re in charge till we get back.”
Jason:”Right away cos.”
Calvin, Hobbes, Dastardly and Muttley leave the meeting room and head towards the vehicle garage.
Calvin:”We’ll take the Dirty Truckster, it’s the most armed one we have in case we have a run in with missile launchers.”
Dick Dastardly:”It was built well.”
The four of them get in the Dirty Truckster and close the dome.
The Dirty Truckster drives on to a platform which is then raised up.
Outside the base on the surface a hole in the ground opens and the Dirty Truckster emerges from the platform.
Calvin:”Hmmmmm it’s really quiet out here.”
Hobbes:”You got that right.”
Calvin:”Well, we better see if anyone but the bad strips are here.”
The Dirty Truckster drives off.
Meanwhile at an old school on another part of Comic Stripsville....
The evil strips and extras the heroes had talked about were all there: The Fusco Brothers, Baby Blues, Cathy, Marmaduke, For Better Or For Worse, Rose Is Rose, The Family Circus, Luann, Nancy, Dennis the Menace, Dagwood, Cul De Sac, Kid Inc, Moe the bully, Miss Wormwood, Rosalin, The three kids from the baseball story, Mr. Lockjaw, The brown dog, Evil Rudy, The two birds, Mr. Burnside, Gort, Mort and Wort.
But they weren’t the only evil ones there, aiding them were three lesser known shows: Angela Anaconda, Rescue Heroes GRT and Eliot Kid.
They were all looking at a transmission from the leaders at the Tower of Darkness.
Johnny Test on the monitor:”Now you all have your orders right?!”
All the lesser knowns:”Yes sir!!”
Johnny:”Good, good. Remember all of you but the three shows in the front are ranked as high as goons aka human shields, so you have to take orders from all of them.”
The Brown dog:”Why are we ranked as high as goons again?”
Dukey:”Cause most of you guys are soooooo terrible that most of you don’t even have names like the dog who just spoke.”
The brown dog just got mad.
The brown dog:”That cat is going to pay for not giving me a name and only giving me two episodes!!!”
Evil Rudy:”At least you got more then I did! I only got ONE episode!!!!”
Jimmy on the monitor:”Enough!!!!”
The dogs stop fighting.
Alvin:”Save your anger for the heroes!”
Simon:”And be careful the Wielders and the king’s men might be there soon.”
Theodore:”So don’t blow it, like the short lived Nicktoons and Peter did!”
Allen:”We’ll be watching you guys as well! And you guys have to follow the orders of the ones who outrank you guys, so you have to do everything Angela, her friends, the Rescue Heroes, Eliot and his pals tell you guys.”
Cathy:”And if we don’t?”
Allen:”Then you guys will be demoted from being goons to human shields for the Parodies and since they die fast, it might not be pretty.”
That got the bad comics and extras scared.
Cathy:”Yes sirs.”
Allen:”Glad to hear you guys agree now. Good luck on your mission.”
The transmission ends.
Angela:"Okay, everyone. We have a big battle ahead of us. We want revenge, right?"
Angela:"And we know who we want revenge against, right?"
Angela:"I myself have already completed part of my revenge. Against that blonde haired brat and that snobby teacher of mine in my school. For years, I was treated like garbage by those TWO! I tried to be respectful, but NO! They had to keep punishing me! For no reason! That brat kept picking on me and that snobby teacher kept punishing me for things I didn't even do!"
Johnny Abbati:"Yeah. I can't believe I liked her! I think it was because she liked me, but now I realize she's nothing but an abusive witch."
Angela:"Well I'm glad you finally were able to open up your eyes, Johnny. For years, I fantasized getting revenge on them, especially that blonde hair monster. I fantasized, because I didn't have the guts to do it for real...till now. And now, that I finally grew some spine, I was able to act out my fantasies I wanted to do for a long time! Now with them dead, I don't have to deal with those awful trolls again! But atlas, my revenge is not 100% complete. Even though I finally got rid of the ones who were horrible to me, They’re still people of other shows I want dead!"
Billy Blazes:"You said it! I mean, why is it popular shows and cartoons get all the love and we hardly get anything!? It's not fair! I mean, very few people even know we exist!"
Elliot Kid:"You think you have it bad? WE hardly even get a Wikipedia page."
John Patterson:"And look at us Comic people. People call us boring because we're just family strips."
Nancy:”Yes, look at me I’m the star of my strip, the star! And people act like I don’t even know I exist! Heck, even characters like like Liz the vet gets a lot of praise and I get nothing!”
Alice Otterloop:”Well, our strip was hardly noticed. But I was the most hated out of all the dull characters, because people found me annoying for some reason. I don’t understand that, I thought I was awesome!”  
Darrel:"What about Zits? A lot people like that strip and it's family oriented as well as slice of life."
Wanda:"What makes them stand out from us, is that they have a lot of humorous and cartoony gags. We don't have that. But is that OUR fault?"
Luann:"No, it's our ‘creators'."
Cathy:"Yes! And We had to suffer for it because of them."
Billy:*Crying* At least YOUR creators attempted at gags! Our creators hardy even TRIED to put gags in. It's just mostly US talking!"
Moe:"Oh shut up, you wimp. At least as a main character you didn't get much hate. I mean, Look at our strip. That stupid twinky and his stupid tiger got all the love and attention, and I got all the hate!"
Billy:"Well, if you were nicer to Calvin..."
Moe pushed him off his chair.
Moe:"Do you talk when someone else is talking?"
Billy:"*Getting up from the floor, rubbing his head* no..."
Moe:"I thought so. *As Billy was standing back up and getting back into his chair*Anyway, as I was saying, That stupid pair got all the love and I got almost all hate. It's not fair. Because they were the stars. Why couldn't of I've been the star?"
Rosalyn:"Yeah? How do you think I felt?"
Miss Wormwood:"And ME! I hate that kid and his tiger! All that kid did in my class was daydream. He hardly ever paid attention. Not to mention he was the one who disrupted my class often. And I'M the one who get hated!?"
Billy:"Uh, you seemed like you only hated him and completely ignored other children's behavior, like Mo..."
Miss Wormwood:"A-HEM! *Billy stopped, and her tone soften up*uh, I mean, remember what Moe said? You don't talk when someone else is talking."
Miss Wormwood:"As I was saying, It’s not fair. I hate that kid and his Tiger. All they did was behave badly and they get all the love and I was the one who was hated."
Mr. Lockjaw:"You think you have it bad, I was in only two strips. TWO! I was pretty much forgotten and when I am remembered, I get nothing but hate."
Plain hair boy:"At least you have a name. Along with us being forgotten and criticized by those who do remember us, the creator never even gave US names."
Hammie:"Well you guys were mean to Calvin..."
Boy with hat:"He caught the ball! He wasn't paying attention. He's an idiot."
Zoe:"Wow, getting so worked up over a game that was forgotten about years ago..."
Brown haired boy:"Shut up, twerp."
Zoe:"Hey, don't tell ME to shut up!"
Wanda:"Don't talk to our daughter that way!"
Boy with hat:"The point is, he and his stupid Tiger gets all the love while we're either forgotten or hated!"
Dennis:"You guy aren't the only ones who wants that kid and his tiger dead. I'm not even nearly as much of a trouble maker as that kid and then there's Bart...and those two got all the praise, while I get trashed on!"
Rolf Fusco:"You guys think you have it bad, no one even remembers our strip!"
Lance Fusco:"Yeah. And what's even worse, is that I lost my girlfriend Gloria. My GIRLFRIEND! *Sniff* WHY!? She was my only friend next to my brothers and our wolverine. Ohh I don't know who killed her, I reckon it could of been any of those *Sarcastically* Wonderful strips! Grrr..I want every last of them killed! Mainly for HER!"
Al Fusco:"Don't worry, bro. We want them dead too and we'll work together to kill them."
Rudy:"That's how I felt about that cat. He was the star and he and his main cast got all the love and we barely got two episodes in "Garfield and Friends". And we were never mentioned since!"
Brown dog:"Agreed, I want that cat and his main cast all dead!"
Father Bird:"So do I! I hate that cat! He almost tried to eat my son. He denies this, but I don't believe him. And he's the star, while my son and I only got two episodes, TWO! He gets all the love while we're forgotten, not to mention we were never in the strip let alone mentioned since Garfield and Friends. It's not fair! Why does that Mean bird eater get love? WHY!?."
Ludlow:"*Coming in the room to him*Dad, whatcha guys doing?"
Father:"What are you doing out of your play room?"
Ludlow:"But father, what are guy doing?"
Father:"We're having a grownup meeting, that is all."
Ludlow:"But there are other kids in here, dad."
Father:"They're with their parents, now do what you're told and go back to the play room."
Ludlow:"*Has a look that seemed suspicious, but then he smiles* Okay, dad."
The little bird walked away, out of the room.
Blondie:"I recall in The Garfield Show, he actually took care of a baby bird while the mother bird was trapped in the garage until she got out."
Father bird:"What!? That can't be true. It must of been all an act! Besides, he probably locked the mother bird in the garage himself!"
Dagwood:"I don't remember him doing that..."
Father Bird:"I don't care how it happened. The point is, I want this cat and the rest of his main cast dead!"
Mr. Burnside:"Agreed! I was forgotten as well. Oh, the cat drove me crazy! It's not fair he's the star while we're forgotten."
Mort:"Do you know how We feel? That brother of ours, Orson and his friends also got love and praise while WE were either hated or forgotten. Ohh, I want to kill all of Orson's friends!"
Gort:"What about Orson? He actually was their leader."
Wort:*Gasp* Your not suggesting killing our BROTHER as well, are you?"
Gort:"Why not?"
Wort:"But, he's, well, our brother."
Wort:"He's family. Sure he might of took the spotlight while we had almost nothing, but he's still family."
The two of them went on arguing, till Mort but in, bopping them both on the heads.
Gort and Wort:"OW!"
Mort:"Shut up both of you!"
Gort:"YOU shut up!"
Angela hit the table with her fist, causing them to stop.
Angela:"Enough! All of you."
Mort:"They started it."
Angela:"I don't care who started it. Anyway, my friends and I want to get things started before we wrap things up. Anyone have anything else to say?"
Rose:"I think we're good. I can't wait to get out there and do some war."
Pasquale:"Me too. I want to finally kill off those stars just like I got my brat of a cousin."
Chip MacMurray:”Pretty soon WE will be the stars!!!”
Bob MacMurray:”I just want to get revenge on all the characters who worship high tech stuff.”
Angela:"Good. Now then, my friends and I shall be heading off on a scouting mission. And mark my words, everyone, we'll get our revenge, all of us. We'll get our revenge on every last comic hero and every last cartoon hero. Just like I fantasized. *To her friends* Alright, guys. Lets get going on our mission, shall we?"
Angela and her friends all stood up and went out the door on a scout mission.
Meanwhile the Magnet Flacon just touched down on the planet.
Inside the ship...
Plucky:”Boy, that was a LONG landing process!”
Bart:”Well, we had to show what the other characters were doing.”
Zim:”Well said.”
The main door opens and the heroes get out of the ship.
They look around and see nothing around them but the plants.
Bart:”Hmmmm, toooooooo quiet around here.”
Plucky:”Yeah, for a planet at war it’s toooooooo peaceful.”
Dib:”Well, we better find the heroes of this planet.”
Plucky:”We better bring the ship with us, I don’t trust this place unlike the other worlds.”
Gaz:”How are we going to do that? It’s kinda large to carry.”
Plucky:”Watch closely, fellow heroes.”
Plucky takes out the keys to the Magnet Flacon and presses a button on the alarm, the ship then shrinks to the size of a small charm.
Plucky then picks up the now small ship and hangs it on the keys of the ship.
Plucky:”OK, let’s go.”
Bart:”You could have done that the entire time, but you didn’t do it till now?”
Plucky:”Well, the other worlds were more peaceful looking, this one I don’t really trust.”
Hamton:”He has a good point.”
The others agree.
The heroes then start walking.
Meanwhile not too far from the heroes...
Angela and her friends saw the heroes had landed.
Angela:”The leaders were right guys! The king’s men and the wielders have landed!”
Gordy:”OK we found them, now can we go back to the base and tell the others they’re here?”
Angela:”Where’s you sense of fun Gordy? We’re going to fight them for a bit.”
Johnny:”Have you gone crazy Angela?!!!! There’s only four of us and sixteen of them that includes that little mouse, those two crazy robots and that spiked haired kids’ six weird pets with powers of their own!!!! Plus they have five of the keys that can defeat us!!!!!”
Angela:”No big deal boys, we’ll use the Parodies as backup and we’ll be armed as well.”
Gordy:”I hope you know what you’re doing Angela.”
Angela:”Trust me guys I do.”
She walks ahead of her friends.
Gina:”Well you heard her let’s go.”
Gordy:”OK but if we lose, I get to say I told you so.”
Angela not to far from her friends:”Yeah, yeah just keep up.”
The other kids follow her.
As for our heroes...
Bart:”Remember everyone, be careful the Parodies or the Lesser Known could attack at any moment.”
Zim:”Like right now?”
Bart:”Yeah Zim, why do you say that?”
Zim:”Cause I see one bad show right in front of us!”
The heroes then saw that Angela and her friend were right in front of them.
Plucky:”Well, well, well if it isn’t the extremely watered down South Park.”
Angela:”Don’t even think about comparing us to that show!”
Plucky:”You’re right, South Park does WAY better then your trash and it’s STILL going almost at season twenty! Not to mention they did stuff instead of having worthless daydreams while YOU did nothing!!!”
This got Angela and her pals mad.
Angela:”OK, you guys are going down!!!!!”
Bart:”Bring it on you walking cardboard cutout!!!!!”
They all take their weapons out.
The heroes then charge at Angela and her pals.
Meanwhile not tooooooo far from the heroes.....
We see the Dirty Truckster is parked.
Calvin, Hobbes, Dick Dastardly and Muttley are scouting out the area for bad strips or heroes that can help them save their world.
Calvin:”Another area and STILL nothing!”
Hobbes:”Don’t worry pal, we’ll find something sooner or later.”
Calvin:”Let’s hope it’s soon, cause we been scouting for almost three hours.”
Dick Dastardly:”Well, I bet something will happen any minute now.”
Just then in the background a blast cloud goes off.
The boys turn to see the blast.
Dick Dastardly:”See what I mean?”
Calvin:”Well said Grandpa. Wonder who’s over there?”
Muttley takes out a pair of binoculars and looks though them.
Though Muttley’s Point of view he sees the fight.
Then something catches his eyes, he sees Plucky, Hamton and Sneezer fighting Angela and her pals.
Muttley is shocked big time and runs to where the fight is taking place on all fours.
The others saw Muttley has run to where the blast came from.
Dick Dastardly:”MUTTLEY!!!!!!! GET BACK HERE!!!!!!!!!”
Muttley keeps running.
Muttley still keeps running.
Dick Dastardly:”MUTTLEY GET BACK HERE!!!!!!! THAT’S AN ORDER!!!!!!!!!”
Muttley is STILL running.
Hobbes:”What’s got into that dog?!”
Calvin:”I don’t know, must be what ever he saw! Quick guys get in the truck!!!!!”
Calvin, Hobbes and Dastardly jump into the Dirty Truckster and drives off after Muttley and to where the blast took place.
Back with our heroes.....
The Heroes were winning the fight against Angela and her pals.
But Angela wasn’t going to give up THAT easy.
Bart:”Judging that we beat you four up so badly you can’t even stand up? Yes!”
That got those four kids REALLY mad.
The four then drew small cannon guns and pointed them at our heroes.
The heroes didn’t like the looks of that.
Plucky:”Not good.”
Hamton:”You said it.”
Angela was about to pull the trigger when of a sudden....
Muttley jumped in out of no where, bit Angela on her arm causing her to drop her gun and started to chew on her arm like crazy.
Angela’s friends were too shocked to do anything.
Angela:”AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! GET IT OFF!!!!!! GET IT OFF!!!!!!!!”
The heroes were shocked big time, Hamton was the most shocked.
Plucky:”Hey Hamton, is that who I think it is?
Hamton:”It sure is Pluckster.”
Bart:”That dog a friend of yours?”
Hamton:”You might say that.”
Plucky:”You think his friend is here as well?”
Hamton:”Those two are a team, they’re never apart.”
Not to far from the battle...
The Dirty Truckster is seen rolling on the ground to where Muttley ran to.
Inside the truck, Calvin is driving, while Hobbes is sitting next to him and Dick is looking though binoculars to find Muttley and what caused the blast.
Calvin:”Any sign of Muttley or what caused that blast, grandpa?”
Dick keeps looking, then he sees something.
He sees Muttley still chewing on Angela’s arm going crazy.
Hobbes:”That’s odd.”
Calvin:”Big time! Better not take any risks when we get to him. Time to show off our new weapon!”
Hobbes:”You mean The Jetson Inhalator???!!!!!”
Calvin:”THE SAME!!!!!”
Hobbes:”Awesome! There’s a hill coming up, we can transform the truck once we drive up and we’re in the air!”
Calvin:”Well said! Hang on Muttley, we’re coming!”
The Dirty Truckster keeps driving faster.
Back at the battle...
Angela has finally gotten Muttley off her arm and throws him on the ground hurting him.
Angela fires her gun at Muttley.
But it didn’t hit him since Hamton stepped in the way and blocked the blast with his shield.
Hamton:”No one hurts that dog and lives to tell about!”
The other heroes walked over to defend Muttley as well.
Angela and her friends did not like the looks of that.
Gina:”OK, they’re ganging up to defend that dog, what could happen next?
Just then the Dirty Truckster drove up a near by hill right to the air.
Once in the air something happened.
The giant back wheels turned into legs, the front spiked wheel was pulled into the truck and two giant arms came out of the truck.
When the truck hit the ground in front of the heroes, it was now a giant robot!
The other kids looked mad at Gina.
Gordy:”You HAD to say that!”
The heroes were shocked as well.
Hamton in a really low voice:”The Dirty Truckster!”
Plucky:”What did you say?”
Hamton:”The Dirty Truckster from Wake, Rattle and Roll!”
Plucky:”Oh, that.”
Just then Muttley woke up and saw the truck transformed into a robot.
He started to pant like crazy.
Bart:”Looks like he’s up.”
Plucky:”Just in time for the best part.”
Inside the now transformed truck, Calvin was controlling the arms and legs in a V.R. suit, while Hobbes and Dastardly were manning the weapons.
Dick:”Hmmm, those flat kids must be in link with the bad strips.”
Calvin:”Good, cause I have something to say to them.”
Outside the robot...
Calvin’s voice inside the robot:”So you guys are in link with the bad strips and extras eh? Well tell your loser friends we’re ready to fight them. Unless they’re nothing but a bunch of wimps to fight us REAL humor strips, since family strips never had the guts to use a gun!!!!!!”
Angela:”Oh, we will tell them and they won’t be happy!”
Calvin’s voice:”Like to see them try! Now get off our property!!!!”
Gina:”And if we don’t?!”
The robot’s hands turn into gatling guns and they point at the four kids.
Calvin’s voice:”Then get ready to become Swiss cheese!”
Angela:”All right, all right, we will go and tell them, but they won’t be happy!”
The kids run off back to their base.
Gordy as the kids are running:”I’M GOING TO ENJOY SAYING THIS, BUT I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!”
Gina:”Ah shut up!!!!”
Once the kids were gone, the robot’s cockpit opened and Dastardly got out.
Dick:”Yeah, you better run, you little brats!!!!!!”
Muttley then walks up to Dastardly.
Dick:”That was a brave thing you did Muttley.”
Muttley:”Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, sure was!”
Hamton then walks up to both of them.
Hamton:”It’s been a LONG time guys.”
Dick:”It has. Haven’t seen you since Paul’s funeral.”
Muttley:”And Don’s.”
Dick:”Don died first, remember?”
Muttley:”Oh yeah.”
Hamton:”Yup in 1997.”
Muttley then hugs Hamton.
Hamton then hugs him back.
Hamton:”I missed you too pal. And what have you guys done to The Dirty Truckster?”
Dick:”Oh, we upgraded it with some help.”
Hamton:”Who’s help?”
Dick:”My grandson and his tiger helped up. Say hello to The Jetson Inhalator!”
Hamton:”You guys STILL hate the Jetsons?”
Dick:”Yes, especially that brat who should have died!!!! And that over grown waffle iron of a maid!!!!”
Hamton:”I don’t blame you guys after what you two been though in the past you should have killed that brat right in front of his parents and then laughed at them as they cried that their only son is dead and said ‘Haha, your only son is dead’.”
Plucky:”That sounds kinda extreme coming from you Hamton.”
Hamton:”Well, I hate that family as well. The song doesn’t even rhyme.”
Plucky:”Good point. That ride made waiting on line more fun!!!!”
Just then The Jetson Inhalator turns back into The Dirty Truckster.
Calvin and Hobbes then get out.
Dick:”Say hello to my grandson and his tiger as well.”
Hamton:”Takes after you.”
Dick:”He sure does.”
Muttley:”Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah!!!”
Calvin:”Well the transformation part worked just fine.”
Hobbes:”Too bad we couldn’t test out the weapons on those brats.”
Bart from behind them:”Don’t worry, you’ll be able to fight them later.”
Calvin and Hobbes turn around and see Bart and Voltage on his hat.
Bart:”It’s been a long time old friends.”
Calvin:”It sure has.”
They do a fist bump.
Zim:”How do you guys know each other?”
Calvin:”We once teamed up to get both the old sitcom and cartoon version of Dennis the Menace banned from TV.”
Bart:”And it worked!”
The high five.
Calvin:”Unfortunately, Dennis the Menace has turned to the evil side.”
Bart:”Not surprised. His strip sucks!!!”
Hamton:”Do you guys have an army as well? Cause who knows how many evil guys we’ll be fighting on this planet.”
Dick:”Not to worry we have ten other strips backing us up at our underground base.”
Calvin:”We’ll explain everything once we get there and we’re in luck, one of our underground elevators is near by. Let me just fold up the Dirty Truckster.”
Calvin takes out his keys and presses a button on the alarm.
The Dirty Truckster then folds into a suitcase with a 00 on the side.
Calvin then picks it up.
Calvin:”Let’s get going.”
The heroes then walk over to where a steal door in the ground is.
It then lowers into the ground and the hole above it closes.
Later at the meeting room in the base....
The heroes were being brought up to speed about the now evil strips and worthless extras on the planet.
Bart:”So the jerks you guys are fighting on this planet are thirteen of the worst comics strips that are soooooo terrible they make watching paint dry more fun, eight extras from Garfield and Friends that only appeared in episode and seven extras from Calvin and Hobbes that half of them never had names?”
Calvin:”You got that right!”
Bart:”But you don’t how many Lesser Known Shows are here, beside the four brats we just battled?”
Hobbes:”Not really.”
Hamton:”Which means ANY of those bad shows could be on this planet ready to fight us!”
Plucky:”Not to worry my fine swine. Odds are it might only be two or three other bombed shows, since they have too many bad strips here they wouldn’t need more bombed shows then bombed stripes or extras!”
Hamton:”Hmmm, good point Pluckster.”
They do a fist bump.
Calvin:”Also your king was here as well and he told us about the keyholes and those Parody creatures that are destroying everything creative in life. He also told us you guys would be here with the found keys to save our world.”
Sneezer:”Ah man, we missed him again!”
Plucky:”Maybe next time we’ll see him.”
Calvin:”Well, now that you guys are here, we can face those pieces of slug spit all at once! Are you guys ready now?!!! Cause THIS will be our only chance to take those losers down once and for all!”
Everyone thinks for a bit.
Bart:”He’s right and if we don’t kill them, THEY’LL BE BACK and they will never give up until they win, which will never happen.”
Rat:”Well if you put it that way, LET’S FILL THEM FULL OF LEAD!!!!!!”
All the heroes load up on all their weapons they were building including a tank on wheels of flying piranhas, load the Sherman’s Lagoon gang into another tank on wheels, get on one of the elevators and they are brought to the surface.
They then move out to the old school.

To be continued in the next part.
And we are back!
This the longest chapter as of now.
So long it has to be cut in half!
The other half will be up in a bit.
Do enjoy.
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Zim999 Featured By Owner Edited Sep 13, 2016  Professional Writer
That isn't enough, two words does not motivate me. I need more then that, like you did with the others.
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Sorry :(

Dick Dastardly and Muttley are also Hilarious & Do Funny things
Zim999 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2016  Professional Writer
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Their also Hilarious & Amazing too
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I think Dastardly cause his leader indeed of the Planes & has Great Plans

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The Comics Stripville is interesting.  Nice appearance of Dick Dastardly and Muttley. :)
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Dude, I am freaking out! LOL :D  I have NO idea why DD is Calvin's grandpa, but I love it :XD:  I also wonder if Calvin will become Spaceman Spiff at any point :)  GREAT chapter-- and I understand about 98% of the references here XD  

It would be interesting if, at some point, some of these characters battled the re-boot versions of themselves, like with the 'Garfield and Friends' characters facing off against 'The Garfield Show' characters for example.  There are SO many terrible re-boots of good shows to pick from, you could do this very easily (and I'm sure the 'good' characters' commentary on their knock-off counterparts would be hilarious :xD: )
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