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Chapter 4: The Woo-Foo Battle Arena
We see the Magnet Falcon leaving Vasquezia.
Inside the ship, the heroes are at a round booth table.
Bart has Voltage on his shoulder.
Sneezer is on Plucky’s hat.
Zim and Gir aren’t wearing their disguises, so the others now see Zim and Gir’s real selves.
Bart has just explained to their new friends who he is looking for and Plucky, Hamton and Sneezer have told them about the other nine keys to be found.
Zim to Bart:”So to recap from last time, you’re looking for your younger by two years sister, your best friend, your girlfriend, your friend that’s from the future who was frozen for a thousand years, his one eyed wife, a beer glazing robot, two cats male and female, two mice male and female and eighteen other Pokemon that belong to your sister, best friend and girlfriend?”
Bart:”Correct, but Rally and May were once humans until something happened which turned Rally into a cat and May into a mouse.”
Zim:”Ah, well looks like we have a lot to find including your king.”
Gaz:”Yes my sweet Irken, plus the other nine keys that represent Time, Fighting, Loyalty, Knowledge, Love, Destruction, Invincibility, Guns and Bombs.”
Zim:”Yes Gaz my sweet, from what they said the keys of Courage, Power, Disintegrate, Death, Friendship and Kindness have been found by us and the king.”
Gaz holds his hand and smiles.
Hamton:”So you two are in love, even though you’re an alien and you’re a human?”
Zim:”Yes, is that wrong?”
Hamton:”Not at all, in fact I’m married to another species myself.”
Zim:”And she is?”
Hamton:”She’s a skunk!”
Shows them a photo of him holding Fifi in his arms, in the castle garden.
Bart:”You’re not the only one Hamton, my friends Fry and Leela are a mixed couple species as well.”
Hamton:”How are they mixed?”
Bart:”Fry is a human and Leela is a sewer mutant which explains why she has one eye.”
Shows them a photo of Fry and Leela on his iPhone.
Gaz:”She has good purple hair.”
Gretchen:”I agree.”
Plucky:”Well, enough about that guys. Bart, since you took out a bunch of losers I’m giving you another spell which is the power of ice.”
Plucky snaps his finger and the FoxBlade glows.
Bart:”Cool, how many spells are left for me to earn?”
Plucky:”Five more, but I want to surprise you with the rest.”
Bart:”Awesome! So where to next?”
Plucky:”That depends on the next world that we see and it may take a bit to find the next world.”
Ship’s computer:”Approaching planet ahead!!!!!”
Plucky:”Never mind.”
The heroes run to the control room of the ship.
They see a planet up ahead.
Bart:”What’s this planet called?”
Plucky looks at the computer.
Plucky:”Says it’s called Woo-Foo Battle Arena.”
Hamton:”Sounds more like a gym then a world.”
Plucky:”It does.”
Bart:”Well we should land and see if anyone there needs help.”
Plucky and Hamton:”Right.”
The ship gets closer to the planet and lands outside a giant door gate.
The heroes get out of the ship.
Plucky then turns on the ship’s alarm with the keys.
Plucky:”Remember where we parked everyone.”
The heroes go though the giant doors.
Once they were though the door, they saw a giant colosseum.
On the sides of the colosseum’s doors are two giant statues of two rabbits one on each side, on the left side was a girl rabbit with a bow between her head and floating ears holding a floating orb. On the right was a boy rabbit with a flaming bamboo sword.
In the top middle of the colosseum’s roof was a statue of a panda with a puffy beard in a yoga pose.
The heroes look at them for a bit.
Plucky:”Wonder who these three are?”
Bart:”Maybe there’s some info inside.”
The heroes go though the door of the colosseum to the lobby.
In there they see on a wall were the fifteen keyholes in a circle, the one in the middle of the circle was locked, while the other fourteen were unlocked.
Everyone:”The keyholes!!!”
Bart, Zim, Gaz, Dib and Gretchen took out their keys, but they didn’t glow at all.
Zim:”Hey! What gives?!!!! Why aren’t these things sealing the keyholes?!!!!”
Voice off camera:”It’s cause you guys didn’t battle anyone yet.”
The heroes turned and saw the panda that matched the statue on the roof next to them.
Bart:”Hey, are you same guy who matches the statue on the roof?”
Panda:”The same! I’m Master Yo trainer of Woo-Foo warriors.”
Bart:”Cool, but what do you mean we haven’t battled anyone yet?”
Master Yo:”Well in order for the keyholes to sealed, the evil on the world has to be gone so it will be safe to seal it off.”
Bart:”Oh, so who do we have to fight here?”
Master Yo:”Depends, are you guys ready for the fights in the battle arena?”
Zim:”Course we are! Can’t be any worse then what we just fought on Vasquzia!”
Gaz:”Plus we have five of the keys we need!”
Master Yo:”Now hold on there, just cause you have five of the fifteen keys doesn’t mean you can take on anything.”
Plucky:”How do you know about the fifteen keys?”
Male voice:”We can explain that.”
Just then the two rabbits who matched the statues outside of the door show up.
The female rabbit was pink with a purple bow and the male rabbit was blue.
Plucky:”Blue and pink? Dose this seem familiar Hamton?”
Hamton:”It sure does Plucky.”
Blue rabbit:”Anyway, I’m Yang.”
Pink rabbit:”And I’m Yin.”
Yin and Yang:”We’re twins!”
Yang:”And if your wondering how we knew about the keys, another rabbit who has the same color blue as me just lighter was here a while ago, where he battled off a few of those shadow creatures and won.”
Yin:”After he won, the keyhole in the top of that circle glowed and his key locked it.”
Master Yo:”He then told us, his wizard and captain of his knights would be here soon with the wielders they had found so far to help us fight more.”
Plucky:”That’s Buster alright.”
Bart:”So for the keyholes here to be sealed, how many monsters do we have to fight?”
Master Yo:”Depends how tough you guys are. Once you fight the right amount of monsters the keys will glow and they seals the keyholes to be safe.”
Zim:”That seems easy. When do we start?”
Master Yo:”When ever you guys are ready. But you can only fight with the weapons on you, so you can’t use summons or the keys won’t glow.”
Everyone is quiet.
Bart:”Summons as in?”
Yang:”As in magic creatures that help you out.”
Zim:”Do robots count?”
Yang:”I think so.”
Plucky:”What about small mice that when they sneeze they can knock over an entire building?”
Bart:”What about creatures that have powers of elements?”
Master Yo:”That counts.”
Bart:”OK, looks my Pokemon team, Sneezer, Gir and Mini-Moose can’t fight with us.”
Sneezer:”Awww man.”
Gir:”Why can’t we join again?”
Zim:”Cause Gir, if we did use you guys we would have the upper hand fighting the Parodies in the battle arena and the only way for the keys to lock the keyholes is if we play fair.”
Gir:”Oh, ok.”
Bart:”Don’t worry guys just cause you can’t fight doesn’t mean you can’t be in the crowd and cheer for us.”
Bart:”OK we are ready!!!”
Master Yo:”Good to hear!”
Plucky:”By the way, how many rounds of Parodies did Buster fight before his keyhole glowed?”
Yang:”He had ten rounds.”
Hamton:”That doesn’t seem too bad.”
Plucky:”Course not, he had the Blade of Power which would have been easy for him.”
Yin:”Don’t feel so bad, they’ll be seven of you guys in the arena so it will be easy for you guys as well.”
Bart:”Alright let’s get going!”
They go to the battle arena which was really big.
The heroes are surprised at the size.
Master Yo:”Your battle will begin soon, you better let your summons in to the crowd.”
Bart:”Well if you say so.”
Bart takes his other five Pokeballs off his belt.
Bart:”Everyone come out!”
He throws the five balls in the sky and they open letting out Muddy, Shadow, Flame, Stampy and Santa’s Little Helper.
Santa’s Little Helper:”You called Bart?”
Bart:”Yeah boy, on this world we have to fight in a battle arena and summons aren’t allowed so the six of you will have to wait in the crowd, but you can cheer for us to win.”
Santa’s Little Helper:”Awwww man...”
Bart:”Sorry boys but rules are rules. Here guard my stuff.”
Bart hands them his backpack.
Santa’s Little Helper:”You got it.”
The six Pokemon go in the stands with Bart’s stuff.
Zim:”Same thing for you two as well.”

The robots follow them.
Plucky takes Sneezer out of his pocket.
Plucky:”You too Sneezer, but keep track of everything we kill.”
Sneezer:”Will do.”
Sneezer follows the others.
Master Yo:”OK, you seven ready?”
The heroes take out their weapons.
The seven heroes:”READY!”
Master Yo:”OK, to keep the monsters in, a powerful Woo-Foo forcefield will be put up. Any questions before the fight?”
Plucky:”Yeah, what kind of fighting is Woo-Foo?”
Yin:”Yang and I will explain. Woo-Foo is magic and fighting and combined. When might and magic work as one...”
Yin looks at Yang.
Yang:”A villain’s plan can be undone.”
Yin:”Hey, you got it right this time.”
Yang:”Thought I should.”
Plucky:”That will be easy for our team, we already know how to fight and I’m teaching Bart how to master spells. Also Bart since you can’t use your pals, I might as well give you a spell boost.”
Plucky snaps his fingers and the FoxBlade glows.
Bart:”What did you do?”
Plucky:”You can now use lightning spells in tight spots.”
Master Yo:”Alright, everyone get ready to rumble!!!”
The forcefield is up and the Parodies are in the arena with the heroes.
Yin, Yang and Master Yo join the others in the stands.
The fighting then begins.
The seven heroes then battled round after round of Parody creatures.
Three rounds later as the heroes were taking a break...
A young boy with brown hair, who was shorter then Bart, wearing a battle outfit with a big a sword walked by the heroes and the heroes looked back at him.
Bart:”Who was that?
Master Yo from the bleachers:”Some kid who wants to fight in the battle arena as well. Your fight will continue soon. He’ll be your last opponent.”
The heroes then continued fighting the Parodies.
Meanwhile under the bleachers...
We see the young boy talking with a tall man with no hair, wearing a suit and with FIVE fingers.
The Manotaur:”OK, you have your orders Loud Kiddington? But say it quietly, you want the entire arena to hear it?”
Loud Kiddington:”Yes sir. My orders are to fight the wielders and win in anyway I can.”
The Manotar:”And the reason you’re fighting for me?”
Loud Kiddington:”Cause if I win, you’ll reunite me with my friends.”
The Manotaur:”Good and if you fail?”
Loud Kiddington:”The other guys join in and it won’t be pretty for me or the wielders.”
The Manotaur:”Good, now get ready.”
Loud Kiddington:”Yes sir.”
Loud Kiddington walks off.
Once he was gone, fourteen pairs of eyes are seen in the dark behind The Manotaur.
Voice belonging to a pair of squired green eyes:”Is he gone?”
The Manotaur:”Yes, he is.”
The green eyes show they belong to a brown cockroach with two arms and four legs, he is also wearing a purple cape with a small skull in the middle of it.
Carl the Evil Cockroach Wizard:”Bout time he left! It was annoying just waiting under bleachers in the dark doing nothing!”
Just then an ant wearing a horned helmet, a suit of armor with a small beard under his mouth, four arms and two legs walks out of the darkness next to Carl.
Brother Herman:”I hate to say this, but I agree with my stupid brother on this! When are we going to kill that dreaded panda and those stupid rabbits????!!!! That panda’s dander is driving me crazy!!!! Achoo! Achoo! Achoo!”
The Manotaur:”Relax guy! If that kid fails, you can guys can take out not only the wielders and their pets, but also those so called warriors as well!”
Just then a small white hamster wearing a suit and monocle in a plastic ball rolls out of the darkness.
Fastidous:”Let’s hope when we beat the living daylights out of them we don’t cause a massive mess in blood all over the place!!! I hate when things are dirty!”
Just then a green rabbit who looks like Yang but has messy fur comes out of darkness.
Yuck:”And what’s so bad about that you neat freak puffball?!!! At least they’ll be gone in worst way we can think of!!! BURP!!!!”
Just then a short moose wearing a black gym suit with metal antlers comes out of the darkness.
Ultimoose:”ULTIMOOSE AGREES WITH YUCK!!!!!! HOO!!!!! HAA!!!! HOO!!!!!”
Just then a small blue toy robot walks out of the darkness.
Zarnot:”Yes, it would be awesome to blow those three to bits all over the place!!! Especially the hated Yang!!!!”
Just then a purple cat like and human like woman walks out of the darkness.
Saranoia:”I agree with the robot on that, then his sister can join the female side with me!!!!!”
Just then an old legless gargoyle with a cane comes out off the darkness.
Kraggler:”Then I can get even with...”
Kraggler falls asleep.
Carl walks over to him and smacks him.
Kraggler wakes up.
Kraggler:”The panda!!!”
Just then a girl with yellow skin, red hair in a large pony tail with a blue bow, wearing a blue and white dress, blue boots and holding a BIG sword walks of the darkness.
Smoke:”And then I can use the wielders, the king’s men and their pets as my forever friends! Tee-Hee! IF THEY LIVE!!!!”
Just then a boy with green skin, black spiky hair, no shirt, blue pants, red gloves and boots walks of the darkness next to Smoke.
Mirrors:”Well said my sister Smoke, but we have a deal, we spilt the live heroes if they are still alive after the fight!”
Smoke:”Yes my brother Mirrors! Tee-Hee!”
Just then three small white kittens wearing matching outfits but are different colors: pink, purple and green walk out.
Pink Outfit Kitten:”Meow, meow meow, meow, meow.”
Green Outfit Kitten:”Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow.”
Purple Outfit Kitten:”Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow.”
Everyone is quiet.
The Manotaur:”What did they say?”
Carl:”The Chung Pow Kitties aka the CPK said, When the time is right they will use their CPK cougar on the wielders and get those mice.”
The Manotaur:”What mice?”
Pink CPK:” Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow.”
Carl:”The little gray one writing everything down and the yellow one with the pointy ears.”
Just then a solid gold robot suit being controlled by a goldfish with a ruby on his front teeth in a fishbowl as the head with a large blonde wig on the fishbowl walks out of the darkness.
Pondscüm:”Enough jibber jabbing your mouths guys! It’s now or never for the massive fight of our lives!!!!! Ahhhhhh yeah!!!!!”
The Manotaur:”Yes, then the Parodies can do the rest!!!!! (Dumb voice) Hehehehehehe!!!!”
The villains looked at him weird.
Carl:”You ok Manotaur?”
The Manotaur:”I’m just fine why do you ask?”
Carl:”Well that laugh didn’t sound like your normal laugh?”
Herman:”Aye, your normal laugh sounds more serious.”
Fastidous:”While the laugh you just did sounded like a real moron’s laugh.”
Pondscüm:”Are you the REAL Manotaur or some jerk posing as him?”
Ultimoose:”If your a jerk posing as him, we’ll have to kill you, cause we don’t like being used!!!!! HOO!!! HAA!!! HOO!!!”
The Manotaur starts to sweat.
The Manotaur:”I am the real Manotaur, I just had something in my throat when I laughed.”
The villains look at him for a bit as he sweats.
Carl:”OK, that’s good enough for us.”
The Manotaur:”Good, now go take your spots for the attack in case that kid fails!”
The villains:”RIGHT!”
The villains walk off.
Once they were gone...
The Manotaur made sure they were gone, then put his watch up to face which opens.
Cut to the Tower of Darkness, where the leaders of the villains are watching the worlds fall prey to their armies of Parodies and lesser known shows.
Just then...
Computer voice:”Incoming call from the Woo-Foo Battle Arena!”
Allen:”Patch us though to him.”
The Manotaur is seen on the main screen.
The Manotaur:”Hello leaders, you were right the Wielders did show up.”
Jimmy:”As always.”
George:”Did you fill out your orders?”
The Manotaur:”Yes, I have the loud kid to fight them and all the villains those rabbits and panda have fought in the past as a back up plan.”
Alvin:”Well played, they don’t know who you really are do they?”
The Manotaur:”Lucky for me they haven’t cause if they knew I was using them they’d kill me.”
Hank:”Well make sure you don’t die, cause as of now you’re only ranked high as a goon and you saw what happened to the last goons?”
The Manotaur:”Yes, the last nine goons were killed on Vasquezia really badly.”
Johnny:”If you survive we’ll rank you up.”
The Manotaur:”Really? I will not fail you my leaders.”
He signs off.
Back in the arena...
The heroes had just finished four more rounds of their challenge.
Master Yo in the crowd:”Good work guys, three more rounds left and your keys will lock the keyholes.”
Plucky:”About time.”
Two more rounds had passed with tougher Parody creatures, now it was the last fight where the heroes had to face their toughest opponent which was Loud Kiddington!
Master Yo:”And now for your last round! Good luck guys!”
Bart:”Hmmmm, one boy fighting the seven of us, looks like we know who the winners will be.”
Plucky:”You got that right.”
Master Yo:”BEGIN!!!!!”
The seven heroes charged at Loud Kiddington, while he did the same thing to them with his big sword.
The fight lasted for three hours even if it was seven on one and in the end Loud Kiddington had lost, while the other seven were weak yet they were all still standing.
The Woo-Foo forcefield then went down.
Plucky:”Boy....that was quite a fight....”
Zim:”At least we won....”
Carl off camera:”NOT SO FAST RED EYES!!!!”
The heroes turned and saw the fourteen villains were now in the battle arena with them. Brother Herman was wearing a gas mask so he couldn’t breathe the panda dander.
Everyone was shocked.
Dib:”Is this part of the fight?”
Gretchen:”I don’t think so.”
Zarnot:”OF COURSE IT ISN’T!!!!”
Fastidous in his Hamsterbot:”SINCE THE LOUD KID FAILED HIS TASK, IT’S NOW OUR TURN!!!!!!!!!”
Bart:”Who sent you weirdos?!!!!”
The Manotaur walks out of the crowd.
Carl:”ON IT!!!”
Carl then made his own dark forcefield on the seats to keep the guys in the crowd out.
Brother Herman then ripped off his gas mask.
The villains then charged at the heroes and the now weak Loud Kiddington.
In the crowd, the others saw they were trapped in a dark forcefield while their friends were fighting fifteen dangerous guys.
Yang:”Well that’s a twist.”
Yin:”That the last fighter was in link with the Manotaur and all fourteen of our mortal enemies?”
Yang:”That and they knew when to attack.”
Master Yo:”Enough talking kids!!!! It’s going to take all our power to break the forcefield of darkness and help them!!!!”
Yin:”Can’t we Foo-portate out?”
Master Yo:”We could Yin, but the forcefield is too powerful to use that spell and their are ours here!”
Master Yo:”Give me a minute Yang, I need to think!!!”
Yang:”This may take a bit.”
Back with the others in the arena...
The heroes were fighting the villains like crazy.
Bart:”This is going to be hard guys! There’s fifteen of them and only seven of us!”
He get up and picks up his big sword.
Plucky:”Fine with us!”
The fight continued with no one winning or losing at all.
Back in the stands...
The others were trying everything they could break Carl’s forcefield.
Yin:”There has to be a way to break out of this dark forcefield!!!!!”
Yang:”Well, we tried every move and power we got!!! What’s left to try?!!!!”
Master Yo:”We didn’t try the Woo-Foo Aura yet.”
Yang:”It’s worth a try!”
Yin and Yang then got on both sides of Master Yo.
Master Yo:”READY KIDS?!!!!
Yin and Yang:”READY MASTER YO!!!!!”
Master Yo:”Please call me by the right name.”
Yin and Yang:”WE MEAN READY, DAD!!!!!”
Master Yo:”Much better.”
Master Yo:”YO!!!!”
All three:”WOO-FOO AURA!!!!!!”
Just then a giant purple rabbit aura formed around the three making look more powerful.
They tried to hit the forcefield but they weren’t strong enough to break it.
Yin:”We need more power!!!”
Yang:”Well the last time we had enough power was when our friends helped us!!!" (Yin, Yang Who?)
Yin:”Too bad they aren’t here.”
Sneezer not seen:”They aren’t, but we are!”
The three saw that Sneezer, Gir, Mini-Moose, Voltage, Muddy, Flame, Shadow, Stampy and Santa’s Little Helper were next to them.
Yin:”Should we let them jump in? Even though we are getting help from a little mouse, two small robots and six weird pets?”
SLH:”We can help since I am an aura type now.”
Yang:”Well, it’s worth a try. Jump in quick!!!!”
And the of them did making the aura more powerful!
Yang:”Now this is more like it!!!!”
With one big punch the Woo-Foo Aura destroyed the forcefield of darkness!
They then jumped in the Battle Arena with the others and got out of the Aura.
Yin:”Now things will even out!”
Brother Herman:”OH NO!!!!!!! PANDA HAIR!!!!! ACHOO!!! ACHOO!!!! ACHOO!!!!!!!”
Yang:”Well that takes care of Herman!”
Yin:”Now for the others!!!”
Then the fight REALLY began.
Carl was about to fight Plucky and Hamton, but his energy rays bounced off Hamton’s WB shield which was protecting him and Plucky.
Hamton:”It’s more powerful then it looks, four legs!”
That got Carl even more mad and he kept blasting and blasting.
The boys were getting tired of this.
Plucky:”Might as well end this.”
Plucky raised his staff and then a safe fell on Carl.
Carl from under the safe:”Ouch....“
Plucky:”Sure beats stepping on him.”
Hamton:”And best of all no mess on your foot.”
They high five.
Zarnot then run up to where Gir was standing
Zarnot turned his weapons on and aimed them at Gir.
But Gir just stood there with a goofy look on his face.
Gir:”I should? OK!!!!”
Gir’s parts turn red and two giant missile launchers came out of of his head.
Zarnot:”I don’t like the looks of this....”
Gir parts turn blue again.
Gir fired at the toy robot, blowing him in to the sky and he hit the ground damaging him.
His eyes went off.
In another part of the arena Mini-Moose was just floating there till Ultimoose walks to him really tough looking.
Ultimoose:”Awwww, the little toy moose wants to fight Ultimoose by himself eh?”
A giant cannon comes out of one antlers.
Mini-Moose’s eyes then glowed and fired powerful lasers out of them frying Ultimoose.
Ultimoose:”Nice move....”
Ultimoose fainted.
Zim in another part of the arena:”Good work boys!!”
Just then Fastidous in his Hamsterbot stomped over to him.
Fastidous:”Your pals may have taken out three of our allies and one is sneezing like crazy, but I don’t give up THAT easy!!!!”
Zim:”You think I a highly trained Irken invader will be defeated by a small hamster driving a robot suit?”
Fastidous is quiet with a mean look on his face.
Zim:”I don’t think so puffball, cause I hate hamsters!!!!!”
Zim takes out the DisintegrateBlade.
Fastidous:”Bring it on shorty, but don’t leave a mess, cause I hate germs and messes!”
Zim:”Is that so?”
Fastidous:”Opps, I shouldn’t have said that, should I?!!”
Zim:”Yes, you shouldn’t have!”
Zim reaches into his pocket and a jar with an alien slug in it.
Fastidous sees the slug and almost gags.
Fastidous:”YOU WOULDN’T DARE!!!!!!”
Zim:”I would. Think fast hamster!!!!!”
Zim throws the slug at Fastidous and the slug hits the middle part of the robot which is the hamster ball part with Fastidous in it.
The slug started moving on the hamster ball leaving slime all over it.
Fastidous:”AHHHHHHH!!!!!!! GROSS!!!!! GROSS!!!! GET IT OFF!!!! GET IT OFF!!!!!”
The Hamsterbot runs around the battle arena trying to get slug off it with it’s cleaning tools.
Zim:”Heh, too easy.”
At that same time Saranoia had just got out her giant missile launcher from her nightmare purse and was ready to fire at any of the heroes.
Saranoia:”So long boys, once your gone the girls will be safe from your stupidity!!!!”
Just then Gaz, Gretchen and Yin were seen next to her.
Gaz:”OK, you stupid cat girl!!! No one calls my Zim stupid and lives to tell about!!”
Gretchen:”Same for my Dib!!!!”
Yin:”And don’t even think I’m going to let you hurt Yang again!!!!”
Saranoia:”You ladies STILL don’t get men, looks like I’ll have to teach you three a lesson.”
Saranoia then fired a bunch of her missiles at the girls.
It looked like the girls were done for, but then....
Yin had made a forcefield over her and the girls saving them from the missiles.
Saranoia was still calm.
Saranoia:”I knew you would do that Yin, too bad you can’t use your forcefields and fight at the same time!!!!”
Gretchen:”She won’t have to!!!”
Yin and Saranoia didn’t know what was going to happen, but Gaz did and she smiled.
Gaz:”Do it Gretchen.”
The KindnessBlade glowed in Gretchen’s hand and within seconds powerful forcefields protected the girls to keep them safe from the missiles.
Gaz:”Nice work Gretchen!!!!”
Yin:”Now let’s take care of Sara!!!!”
The girls jumped on Saranoia and started a smoke fight. The girls weren’t felling any pain cause they were protected by the forcefields.
In another part of the arena...
Bart and Yang were ready to fight Yuck.
Yang had his sword out and Bart had the FoxBlade out, but Yuck was unarmed.
Bart:”So your going to fight us with you bare hands, eh?”
Yang:”Careful kid, he may look weak but he’s dangerous!”
Bart:”How dangerous?”
Yuck:”You don’t want to know spikehead! BURP!!!!!!”
Bart:”Man, he reminds me of one my dad’s friends who drinks a lot and burps!”
Yang:”Well, he’s not drunk, but he is rude!!”
Bart and Yang:”GLADLY!!!!!!”
Yuck’s paws turn to flames.
Yuck:”FIREY FISTS!!!!!!”
He fires the flames at the boys.
Bart and Yang ducked, so the flames missed them by an inch.
Bart:”AY CARAMBA!!!!!”
Yang:”Hey, not a bad catchphrase man, I normally say ‘Ahhhh pellets!‘ when something bad happens. But I do a tougher one.”
Bart:”Which is?’
Yang jumped off the ground and when he was in the air.
Bart:”Wow!!!! That’s a good one!!!!”
Yang:”Thanks, but get a load of this!!!!”
Yang makes two giant fists, his paws then glowed and get really big and powerful.
Yang:”PAWS OF PAIN!!!!!!”
His giants fists fire off his paws and at Yuck.
Yuck jumps out of the way of Yang’s paws of pain, missing him.
Yang pulled out his sword and they morphed into the Jam Hammer.
Yang:”JAM HAMMER!!!!!!!”
Yang hit Yuck with the Jam Hammer covering Yuck with jam and it got in his eyes.
Yang:”That’s good for us!! HE’S ALL YOURS BART!!!!”
Bart shots lightning bolts out of the FoxBlade electrocuting Yuck.
Yuck fainted.
Yang and Bart:”NICE!!!!!!”
Yang and Bart high five.
In another part Master Yo was face to face with his old rival Kraggler.
Master Yo:”So, we’re face to face in battle again, you legless rock.”
Kraggler:”It’s cause of you I lost my legs in battle, NOW IT’S MY TURN TO TAKE YOUR LEGS!!!!!!!”
Kraggler floated over to fight Master Yo, but he was going REALLY slow, so slow that Master Yo stepped out of the way and Kraggler floated face first in to a wall of arena, where he fell asleep again.
Master Yo:”Gets easier every time we fight.”
Takes out a soft pretzel and starts to eat it.
Kraggler wakes up.
Kraggler:”MY TEETH!!!!!”
Falls asleep again.
In another part of the arena Flame, Shadow and Stampy were ready to fight Smoke and Mirrors.
Mirrors:”Well! My sister Smoke, it looks like the spiked haired boy’s little pets are going to fight us with their bare hands, while you and I both have our Prism Prison Cube and you have you big sword!!! Ha-Ha!!!!”
Smoke:”Yes, my brother Mirrors soon they will be our forever friends and we will use them in battle till can no longer fight and die! Tee-Hee!”
This angered Bart’s Pokemon.
They all looked at each other and nodded at the same time.
Stampy rolled into his ball forum and rolled toward the two bad guys really fast and knocked them over like two bowling pins.
Mirrors:”Ouch! That hurt you long nosed ball!!!!”
Smoke:”Yes it did you long nosed ball!!!”
Just then Shadow floated over them.
Smoke:”Well looks like the little smiling purple thing wants to fight us now!!! Tee-Hee!!!”
Mirrors:”Yes, he’s too little to fight both of us at once!!! Ha-ha!!!”
Shadow then fired energy rays from his eyes shocking the two.
Smoke and Mirrors were now burnt like two marshmallows.
Just then Flame went up to them and boy was he mad.
Mirrors:”This will not be good.”
Smoke:”You said it.”
Flame then used his fire breathe on them, burning them even more.
They both fell over weak.
Flame, Shadow and Stampy then high-fived with their small hands.
It was now time for Muddy to fight Pondscüm.
Pondscüm:”You may be a small fish like me man, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be going easy on you!!!! Ahhhhh yeah!!!!”
Pondscüm was about to active the weapons in his robot suit, when Muddy used his water gun on him getting the robot suit wet.
Pondscüm:”Was that suppose to stop me? All you did was soak my wig, once I fix my wig you’re dead meat man!!!!”
But then the robot suit couldn’t move at all cause it rusted even though it was solid gold.
Pondscüm:”HEY!!! WHAT GIVES?!!! I CAN’T MOVE MY SUIT!!!!!”
Muddy:”Mudkip, Mudkip!!!”
Pondscüm (Normal Sweden voice):”ACH DO LIBA, YOU RUSTED MEIN ROBOT SUIT!!!!!!”
Muddy giggled and runs off.
This got Pondscüm angry
Pondscüm (Disco voice):”BLIXENS!!!!!! OIL CANS!!!!!!”
Pondscüm’s Blixens then rocketed in on jetpacks with oil cans to un-rust the robot suit.
At that same time Voltage and Sneezer were face to face with the Chung Pow Kitties who had their ninja weapons out ready to attack.
Sneezer:”THIS is not good.”
The CPK were about to attack the mice until Voltage them with an Electroball, knocking their weapons out of their little paws.
Sneezer:”HA! YOU’RE UNARMED NOW!!!!!”
The CPK only looked at the two mice and laughed in cat.
All three Chung Pow Kitties:”Meow, meow meow, meow, meow!!!!!!!!”
Sneezer:”I don’t know what they said, but it didn’t sound good.”
All three Chung Pow Kitties got together and then they formed their most powerful attack which was a giant cat aura, which they called the CPK Cougar!!!!
The CPK Cougar got closer to the two mice, until they were trapped against a wall.
Sneezer:”....Not good at all!!!!”
The CPKs were about to attack, when Santa’s Little Helper jumped in to save them.
SLH:”May I take over?”
Sneezer:”Go ahead, but what can you do against that?!!!!”
SLH:”I may now be a Lucario, but I’m still a loyal greyhound as well!!!!”
SLH then got on all fours and growled like crazy.
The CPK then saw their one weakness a dog and were scared like crazy.
They were soooooo scared they couldn’t control the CPK Cougar, which deactivated and they fell on the ground in front of SLH.
SLH:”Bow wow.”
All three CPK’s:”MEOOOOOOOOOWWWWW!!!!!!”
The kitties run off like crazy.
SLH:”Cats, gets them all the time.
Sneezer:”Well said.”
Finally it was down to the last fight, Dib and Loud Kiddington vs. the Manotaur!
Dib had the FriendshipBlade out, while Loud Kiddington had his big sword out, they were both ready to chop the Manotaur to bits.
Manotaur:”I don’t know why I used you to begin with, I could have used those guys from the start. Only thing you were good for was wearing them down!!!”
This go Loud Kiddington mad.
Loud Kiddington:”You used me, Crome dome!!!!! You only needed me to wear the wielders down, so you and those psychopaths would beat them easily!!!!”
Manotaur:”So I did. That was the plan all along to stop you guys.”
Dib:”But you didn’t stop us at all! We mangled to beat up all your pals but you!! Your the only one still standing while the others are sneezing themselves silly, been crushed by a safe, blasted by missiles or lasers, hit by a slug, beaten up, struck by lightning, walked into a wall, barbecued, rusted or scared off by a dog!!!!!! Your next pal!!!!”
Manotaur:”Like to see you try!!!!”
Loud Kiddington:”Glady!!! First I’m going to take those rings off your pinkies and shove up your nose!!!!!”
Dib mangled to knock the Manotaur on his back leaving him his arms up in the open.
Loud Kiddington then ran over to the hand, but when he tried to grab the rings his hands went though them and the pinkies as well.
Dib saw it as well.
Dib:”Hey! Those rings and fingers are holograms!!!”
The other heroes ran over to where Dib was and saw it as well.
Yang:”Then he can’t be the REAL Manotaur!!! His fifth fingers were real!!!!”
Yin:”Which means who that is must be wearing a disguise!!!!”
Bart:”So what do we do now?”
Yang:”We got to prove to our enemies who that guy really is, once they see the real person they’ll want to kill him cause they hate being used by someone else!!!!”
Just then the person dressed as the Manotaur got up and boy was he mad when he saw Loud Kiddington.
Loud Kiddington then ran over to the other heroes.
Manotaur:”Hey you guys!!! There all in one spot now, we can get them all at once!!!!!”
When the villains heard that they were still badly injured from their battles with the heroes, but that wouldn’t stop them at all.
The villains were all charging at the heroes like a stampede of angry cows.
Yin:”They’re altogether we just need to knocked all over at once, that might destroyed the hologram that guy is wearing!!!!”
Yang:”Yeah, but what?!!!!!”
Plucky:”Piece of cake kid.”
Plucky pulled off one of his feather.
Yang:”A feather?!!! That’s going to beat them all once?!!!!”
Plucky:”Part of it will be.”
Plucky then picked up Sneezer.
Plucky:”Ready kid?!!!!”
Plucky:”Brace yourselves everyone.
Plucky then tickled Sneezer’s nose just as the villains were only a bit from them.
Sneezer’s sneeze was powerful enough to blow all the villains in the wall on the other side of the arena, flatting them on the wall.
Carl on the wall:”I...can’t....feel both left legs....”
Brother Herman:”I can’t feel both of my left arms....”
Fastidous who is now freaking out:”THIS IS WORSE THEN THAT SLUG!!!!!! THERE ARE GERMS ALL OVER US!!!!!!!”
As for our heroes....
Yang:”Man, that’s one powerful mouse you got there!!!!”
Sneezer:”Thank you.”
Bart:”Hey guys look at the Manotaur!!!!!”
Sure enough who ever was disguised as the Manotaur outside was going crazy.
Just then the hologram shorted out showing who it really was.
Which happened to be Peter Griffin!!!!!
Zim:”Who is that guy?”
Bart:”Peter Griffin, arch enemy of The Simpsons!!!!!”
Plucky:”Should we kill him?”
Bart:”No need to, those other guys might take care of it for us.”
Carl:”Hey!!! That’s not the Manotaur!!!!!”
Brother Herman:”Aye!!! The Manotaur was never that ugly!!!!!!”
Pondscüm:”Or had hair!!!!!!”
Fastidous:”Or a chin in the shape of a butt!!!!”
Bart:”Of course not he used you guys to fight us!!”
This got the villains REALLY mad.
Carl:”If there’s one thing we hate more then the rabbits and that panda...”
Brother Herman:”It’s being used by some loser!!!!!!”
Yuck:”LET’S KILL HIM!!!!!!!”
Carl:”Dibs on his face!!!!!”
Peter runs off while all fourteen villains were behind him ready to tear him to shreds.
Bart:”Well that takes care of those guys.”
Just then the five found keys lite up.
Bart:”Guys!!! The keys have lite up!!!!”
Master Yo:”Which means you guys stopped the evil on this planet.”
Yang:”Even though it was only one really stupid man using all our arch enemies to work for him, it still counts.”
Yin:”You got that right bro!”
Plucky:”Hey where did that kid go?”
Sure enough Loud Kiddington was gone.
Zim:”Maybe he went to join those guys to kill Peter.”
Bart:”Maybe, we better seal the keyholes and fast.”
The heroes went back to the lobby to seal the keyholes.
Meanwhile in the front of the Battle Arena....
Peter was still running while the villains were right behind him ready to kill him.
Peter then used a device to open a gateway to safety.
Peter then jumped into it, before they could kill him.
Peter:”SO LONG LOSERS!!!!!”
The gateway closed, leaving the villains standing there.
Brother Herman:”Well, now what?”
Carl:”He’ll be back.”
Yuck:”What makes you so sure he will?”
Carl:”He dropped his wallet when he was running!!!!!”
Carl lifts his left arm showing he has Peter’s wallet.
Pondscüm:”Nice one man, let’s go spend his cash!!!!!”
Carl:”And use his credit cards, that moron left his pin number inside the wallet.”
The villains walk off laughing with Peter’s wallet.
Back in the lobby...
Bart had recalled all his teammates back and now the heroes had brought their keys to the now four glowing keyholes, they stuck all four in and they were sealed.
Bart:”Well our keyholes are sealed, but we still have to find the other nine or none of the worlds will be safe from the Lesser Knowns or the Parodies.”
Plucky:”We should get moving then.”
Master Yo:”Before you guys go we have something to say.”
Bart:”Which is?”
Master Yo:”We like to announce that all sixteen of you are now honorary Woo-Foo warriors along with being Wielders.”
Zim:”Why’s that?”
Yang:”We saw how you guys beat all our enemies up at the same time and it was awesome!!!!”
Yin:”So we thought we give you something in return.”
The heroes were shocked.
Bart:”Thank you!”
Plucky:”We don’t know what to say.”
Yang:”Well we do and that is good luck finding the other wielders and your friends as well.”
Yin:”We know you guys can do it.”
Master Yo:”Good luck out there.”
Bart:”Thank you.”
The heroes left the lobby, while Yin, Yang and Yo waved good bye to them.
As the heroes were about to leave though the giant door, when they saw Loud Kiddington on the steps quietly.
Bart:”You ok?”
Loud Kiddington:”I’m fine.”
Bart:”Why did you team up with that jerk in the first place?”
Loud Kiddington:”He said he would reunite me with my friends.”
Bart:”Looking for your loved ones as well eh? Same here.”
Loud Kiddington gets up and walks over to Bart, he then then handed Bart something.
Loud Kiddington:”Good luck out there.”
He walked off.
Plucky:”What did he give you Bart?”
Bart saw it was some kind of charm in the shape of an H.
Bart:”Some kind of keychain. Wonder what it does?”
Hamton:”Maybe Father Time knows?”
Bart:”We’ll check back with him later, on to the next world!!!”
The others:”Right!”
They go though the door and back in the ship to save the next world from the wrath of the the Parodies and the Lesser Knowns.
Meanwhile at the Tower of Darkness....
Peter was in front of the leaders.
George Jetson:”Peter, you failed your mission to destroy the Battle Arena, the Wielders, the king’s men, those weird pets and those Woo-Foo warriors, plus you have a mob of crazed animals gunning for your skull.”
Peter:”So you guys are going to kill me since I failed my mission and cause I’m a goon?”
George:”On the contrail Peter, like we said before if you survived you would rank up from a goon to an important member in the army.”
Johnny Test:”And you did survive, so you're now an important member. Welcome to the higher ranks.”
Peter:”Wow, why are you guys being so nice to me?”
George:”Two reasons, one you made me grow a backbone to my wife for taking my wallet in every intro of my show. (Glares at Jane, who smiles scared.) And two you gave us the girl we needed.”
Peter:”Yeah, looks like my stupid daughter is good for something after all. What do you need her for again?”
Jimmy:”Well so far only the important members know about the master plan, we never told the goons knowing they might do something stupid to ruin it.”
Hank:”Since you’re now ranked up, we’ll tell you about it.”
Dale:”We’re going to use that daughter of yours and those two capture girl Wielders to make the ultimate Parody creature.”
Peter:”How ultimate would it be?”
Bill:”It would be powerful enough to destroy any planet even if the keyholes are locked.”
Boomhower:”Yeah-man-those-dumb-wielders-won’t-see it-coming-I’ll-tell-you-what.”
Johnny:”To make it work we need three girls of pure heart and knowledge to create it.”
Peter:”Thought you would need seven girls for that.”
Elroy:”We would have, but this is different.”
Jimmy:”Now Peter since you’re ranked up, we want you to go to the edge of the universe and meet up with the others to keep more Parody creatures coming.”
Peter:”Yes, my leaders I’ll make sure they’re made faster then ever now!”
Peter goes in the teleport door and is sent to the edge of the universe.
The leaders turn back to their monitors.
They see images of the worlds and our heroes in the Magnet Falcon.
Johnny:”This is getting out of hand, we lost two worlds as of now!”
Dukey:”Big deal those worlds weren’t that important.”
Susan:”Besides once the Ultimate Parody is made the worlds won’t stand a chance.”
Mary:”So all the wielders‘ work will be for nothing!”
Alvin:”Specking of the Ultimate Parody, why can’t we make it now?!”
Allen:”The time isn’t right yet, we can only make the Ultimate Parody when the moon is full which will happen in four days. Plus all three girls have to be awake and they are still knocked since they got here.”
One of the monitors shows Lisa, Mimi and Mimi’s Pikachu still knocked out in the dungeon.
In the next cell Meg Griffin knocked out as well, is chained to the wall by her hands.
Allen:”Once the girls are up and the moon is full the universe will belong to the Lesser Knowns!”
Fade to black.
To be continued...
And we are back!!! I wrote this chapter alone since my girlfriend was having a hard time with this part.
In this chapter, the heroes meet new friends, gain new powers, meet a new enemy and we find out one of the Lesser Knowns' plans to destroy the popular stuff.
Sorry it took so long.
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:heart: Those guys running off with Peter's wallet (haha you asshole :D)
:heart: When George Jetson alludes to that one Family Guy cutaway (one that was actually funny)
:heart: That Meg is one of the Pure Heart Maidens (seriously, she gets SO much undeserved shit -_- I really do think she has a good heart, tho, and is the only character on that show I like)

This is another one where I'm unfamiliar with the show (Yin Yang Yo!), although I've heard of it, but it was still a good chapter ^^
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Thank you!!!!!

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