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Chapter 3: Vasquezia
We see the Magnet Falcon in deep space leaving Histeria Town.
Inside the ship we see Plucky at the controls driving it.
Sneezer in Plucky’s shirt pocket.
Bart is in the seat next to Plucky with Voltage on his shoulder.
Hamton is in a seat next to Bart.
Bart:”Wow, this is soooo awesome!!!”
Bart:”So what’s the first world we have to save from the Parodies and the Lesser Known Shows?”
Plucky:”Well, whatever world we see first.”
Hamton:”Yeah this is space any world can show up at any second!”
Bart and Voltage are quiet.
Bart:”Good point.”
Plucky:”First let’s show you the gadgets this ship has.”
Bart:”OK, that sounds cool.”
Plucky:”First we have at least twenty laser guns all over the ship each with a different power and strength.”
Hamton:”Perfect at fighting enemy ships.”
Plucky:”Yes, next we have a hyperdrive that goes faster then any ship we know of.”
Bart:”Cool, anything else we should know about?”
Plucky:”Well, there is one last thing.”
He points at a red button on the controls dashboard.
Plucky:”That button will allow us to contact WB Castle at any time and any where, no matter where or when we are.”
Hamton:”Specking of the castle, we should call them and tell them we found one of the wielders.”
Plucky:”Good point Hamton!”
Plucky presses the button and out of the top of the control dashboard comes a flat holographic screen, on the screen we see Pinky and The Brain at the ship room.
Pinky:”Hey guys Zort!”
The Brain:”May we ask why you guys are calling now?”
Plucky:”Well, we have two bits of good news.”
Pinky:”Which are?”
Hamton:”Well first we know what’s destroying the worlds and why.”
The Brain:”Which is?”
Plucky:”Well it turns out there are these creatures called The Parodies that are making any living thing write non stop parody stores until the real thing it’s based on is no longer cool.”
Plucky:”But it gets worse then that, the more Parodies made the more power those creatures get, with more power they can destroy a whole planet.”
The Mice are shocked big time.
Hamton:”But it only gets worse after that. It turns out The Parodies are in link with an army of Lesser Known Shows.”
Pinky:”Lesser Known as in?”
Plucky:”Like no one knew these shows were ever made, cause they only aired in a certain country and they were never heard in any other counties besides that one.”
The Brain:”That makes seance.”
Pinky:”So why are they in link with The Parodies?”
Sneezer:”Well, they think if that destroy all the worlds of the well known shows, movies, comics and games they’ll be the only ones left and they’ll get the fame the good stuff has and take over the entire universe!”
Pinky:”OK, that’s really bad and you guys said this was suppose to be good.”
Plucky:”It kinda is, cause now we know what we are up against!”
The Brain:”Hmmm, he’s got a point.”
Pinky:”OK, what’s the other good news?”
Plucky and Hamton:”We found one of the wielders!!!!!”
The Mice then see Bart with Voltage on his lap.
Bart:”Hey, how’s it going?”
Plucky:”This is Bart he wields the FoxBlade!”
The Brain:”Good work boys.”
Pinky:”But you still have thirteen keys to go. Zort!”
Plucky:”Not to worry, if we found one I’m sure the rest will be easy to find.”
Hamton:”And then we’ll find Buster and stop all the evil.”
Plucky:”Now go tell the girls we found one of the keys.”
Pinky:”Will do!”
Plucky:”Good, we’ll call you back if we have any luck after the first world. Signing Off!”
Plucky presses the button and the screen turns off.
Bart:”Well, that went well.”
Plucky:”It did and we’re in luck. I see our first world to visit!”
Sure enough a world is seen outside the ship.
Bart:”Cool, what’s it called?”
They all look at the computer.
Hamton:”It’s called...Vasquezia.”
Bart:”Cool, let’s land the ship and see what’s there.”
Plucky, Hamton and Sneezer:”Right!”
The ship lands closer to the planet.
Meanwhile on planet Vasquezia...
At a weird shaped green house with a large satellite dish.
A green alien with antennae and big red eyes named Zim was sitting on his couch, flipping through the channels, watching TV, sipping on a soda like drink.
Zim:"More trash, Irk, there's nothing good on today! Then again, since when is there ever anything good nowadays?"
That second, a small white robot named Gir walked into the room, holding a plate of waffles and a bottle of syrup.
He was followed by a floating purple moose with a big front tooth named Mini-Moose.
Gir:"Hello Master, I made waffles!"
Zim:"Waffles again? Um no thank you Gir, not this time. You and Mini-Moose can eat them, I don't have much of an appetite to eat anything right now."
Gir:"Aww, is master sad?"
Zim:"No, I'm fine Gir, I just don't feel like eating right now."
Gir:"Oh, okay then."
Zim watched with sad eyes as Gir and Mini-Moose were leaving the room.
Meanwhile outside, Dib and Gaz were walking to Zim's house. Since the cancellation of their show, they all became friends, but Zim have been feeling down. They decided to pay him a visit today.
Gaz:"Poor Zim. I hope he's doing better today."
Dib:"Me too, Gaz."
They got to Zim's base and walked up to the walkway towards the base were the gnomes were. The gnomes got on their defense mode, looking like they were ready to blast, casing Dib and Gaz to stop, looking nervous. The gnomes scanned them and realized who they were, and shut off their lasers. Dib and Gaz smiled and went to the door. Back inside, Zim lied on the couch, sipping on his drink after he shut off the TV till her heard a knock on the door. Thinking it might of been a stranger or worse, he rushed to his computer to see who it is first.
Zim:"Oh, it's only Dib and Gaz. I better let them in."
Back outside...
Gaz:"What could be taking him so long? I thought he was going to be home today."
Dib:"Oh, he's probably checking his computer to make sure it's not any actual enemies."
Gaz:"Oh yeah, I can't stand those guys."
Dib:"Neither can I."
That was when the door opened, where Zim stood. He grabbed them, and quickly went back inside and shut the door.
Dib:"Wow, are you that worried?"
Zim:"You don't understand Dib, you never know when are enemies could be around, watching."
Little did they realize, Some cameras from behind some bushes were watching.
Dib:"Right. So how are you, today?"
Zim:"Huh? I'm fine, just fine."
Gaz:"*Stepping closer to her boyfriend* Are you sure, my little Irken?"
Zim scoffed. He loved her, but he didn't like it when she called him little.
Zim:"Don't call me little."
Gaz:"*Taken back* Oh, sorry."
Zim:"*Calming down* It's okay. Just say my Irken. Sorry I got grumpy. I have been feeling rather down."
Dib:"Oh, about Nickelodeon, huh?"
Zim:"Yes! And I'll never forgive them for what they did!"
Dib:”It's okay. We all hate it."
Zim:"I also had a really weird dream more recently."
Dib: "Really? Do tell."
Zim:"I had a dream that some evil forces were taking over worlds, and we were heroes protecting those worlds."
Gaz:”That sounds like quite a dream."
That was when there was another knock on the door.
Zim:"Oh, no. That better not be them."
He went back to his computer to check. Dib and Gaz went with him.
Dib:"Oh, it's only Gretchen. Nothing to worry."
They all went back up to the door, and opened it.
Gretchen:"Hello, Dib and Gaz. Zim. *Looking at Dib and Gaz* You guys weren't at home, so I figured you'd be here."
Dib:"Hi angel."
Gaz:"Hello, Gretchen."
Zim Quickly pulled her in and shut the door.
Gretchen:"Wow, what's the rush?"
Zim:"I never know when those filthy trolls are around.
That was when the robots came in.
Gir:"Dib, Gaz, and Gretchen! Dib, Gaz, and Gretchen are here!"
Mini Moose:"*Squeak*."
Dib:"Hello, Gir, Mini Moose."
Gir:"Master sad."
Zim:"I said I was fine, Gir."
Dib:"Uh, but you just said..."
Zim:"I didn't say anything!"
Everyone looked at him."
Zim:"Okay okay, I have been feeling, what you humans call it, rather blue."
Gir:"About Nicky?"
Zim:"That's his way of saying Nickelodeon. Yes Gir, and I despise it so much! I also had a strange dream about us protecting other worlds from some dark forces. I know it's probably only a dream, but it's bizarre that I even had such a dream."
Gretchen:"Wow, that sounds like quite a dream. I'd like to hear more about it."
But Zim was too deep in thought about something else.
Zim:"Grrrrr...How is it some stupid inferior filth maggots gets to stay while WE are thrown away like garbage!?"
Gaz:"I know, my sweet Irken. It's not fair."
Dib:"How about we all go to the video game store? Will that cheer you up?"
Zim just shrugged.
Gaz:"I heard that the new vampire Piggy game is now out. You want to get it with me, sweetie?"
Zim:"Eh, okay. Just let me put my disguise on. You too Gir and Mini Moose."
Zim put on his fake human eyes and wig and Gir put on his doggy suit, and Mini Moose didn’t need a disguise.
Then everyone went out of the base and Zim locked up the base. Dib looked up in the sky.
Dib:"Wow, it's sure is getting dark in the sky. A little too dark. I'm a bit freaked out."
Zim:"Well, it better not rain, because I still don't do earth water very well."
Gretchen:“It DOES look pretty dark. It doesn't look like normal clouds. I'm getting a little scared too."
Gaz:"Oh, Come on. I'm sure it just means a really heavy storm is coming."
Zim:"Well, I'm not sure it's safe for me to go anywhere then."
Gaz:"The video game store is close by our house. We'll be sure to rush home if it does. You can use my umbrella if you want to."
They all went towards Dib and Gaz's house for Gaz's umbrella.
Meanwhile, back up in space...
The Magnet Falcon was over the planet.
Plucky:”Preparing to land. Brace yourselves for landing guys.”
Bart:”Roger that!”
The ship got closer and closer to Vasquezia and then landed.
The gangplank then opened and, Bart with Voltage on his shoulder, Plucky with Sneezer in his pocket and Hamton walked out.
Plucky then activated the ship’s alarm with the keys.
Bart:”Ah, the first world we’re going to save! I wonder why it’s only for one show though?”
Hamton then saw something.
Hamton:”Hey guys, look at that!”
The boys saw a video machine with a sign on the top that read: “View to see the organ of Vasquezia”.
Bart:”Guess we’ll find out here.”
They walk over to the machine and Bart pressed a button.
A black and white film then started on the screen.
We see a planet called the Nicktoons world.
Narrator voice:”Dateline: 2001. Invader Zim has just joined Nickelodeon’s cartoon line up.”
We see Zim making friends with the other Nicktoons.
Narrator Voice:”Here’s to you Zim, hope you have a great run!”
Zim gives a thumbs up.
The next scene has Zim, Gir, Dib and Gaz fighting the lame Nicktoons with lasers.
Narrator Voice:”Dateline: 2002 and Invader Zim has been canceled after only 27 episodes to make room for an awful cartoon called Butt Ugly Martians. A massive battle took place to save the show. In the Process the land that the Zim cast called home broke off the Nicktoons’ world and floated though space cause it NEVER fit in with the other Nicktoons that could kill the braincells of burnt toast.”
We see Zim’s part of the planet breaking off of the Nicktoon’s world and floated though space.
Narrator Voice:”Years have gone by and Zim’s part formed it’s own planet later named ‘Vasquezia’ after the creator Jhonen Vasquez.”
Scenes where the part became it’s own planet.
Narrator Voice:”It has been years and the bad Nicktoons haven’t found the planet yet. So let’s hope it stays that way!”
The film ends.
The boys are still standing there looking at the machine.
Plucky:”Well..does that answer your question Bart?”
Bart:”Not really, it doesn’t give much info on why this show was hated by the other Nicktoons.”
Hamton:”Guess we’ll never know until the time is right.”
Plucky:”Well said.”
Bart:”Well we better see who’s on this planet to help and see what we’re up against.”
Plucky, Hamton and Sneezer:”Right.”
The boys walk off.
Meanwhile on another part of Vasquezia at the Skool...
We see a bunch of monitors on a wall in the underground classrooms.
One monitor shows Bart and his friends.
Another monitor shows Zim and his friend at the video game store.
We then see a bunch of shadows.
We then see they are the Nicktoons that didn’t last long or turn out well: Butt Ugly, Martians, Kaput & Zosky, Wayside, The X’s, My Dad The Rockstar, Back At The Barnyard, Tak and The Power of Juju, Fanboy & ChumChum, Sanjay & Craig, Breadwinners and The Secret Show.
Mr. X:”Well guys, our leaders were right. Spike head and the king’s men showed up!”
Truman X:”Right on dad!”
Tak:”Now that they are here, what do we do?”
Otis the cow:”Easy, we have to make sure they don’t save this world, so we can destroy it and be the BEST NICKTOONS EVER!!!!”
Sanjay:”Yeah, but what about the alien and his pals? We gotta get rid of them as well.”
Tuesday X:”Why’s that?”
Craig:”So people will stop wanting him back and people will watch us more instead of changing the channel before we even start!”
Tuesday X:”Oh.”
Rockzilla:”Let’s not forget guys, that after that alien was canceled no one watched Nickelodeon after that, which made ALL of us short lived and got canceled after ONE season or lower then that!”
Willy:”Right on dad!”
Zosky:”But now this is our chance to destroy him once and for all and then it will be our moment to shine in the spotlight!!!!”
Everyone else:”HORRAY!!!!!!”
Kaput:”So what’s the plan?”
Zosky:”Easy Kaput, you, me, the three martians, their robot dog and the three kids will take out the alien, his robots and those three weird kids and with luck that stupid spike head kid with the key, his pets and the king’s men!”
Todd:”While the rest of us destroy the planet with the Parodies!”
Fanboy:”Then we’ll win and be the greatest Nicktoons ever!!!!”
ChumChum:”Let’s Move!”
The two stick figure aliens, the three martians, the robot dog and the three kids went to where Zim and his pals were, while the other nine dud shows went to destroy the planet with the Parodies.
Meanwhile, Zim and his pals were just leaving the video game store, with a backpack on Gaz's back with her umbrella and the video game she and Zim just got. They were heading back towards Zim's base.
Gaz:"So, do you feel any better, My Irken?"
Zim:"Yes, my sweet, I do feel some better. Though I'd feel even much better if we all sat down on the couch in my base and play the game."
As they walked, they were heading towards a large, golden statue of their creator and Zim's father, Jhonen Vazquez that also reads “Our Founder”.
Zim:"Ah the statue of our creator and my father, Jhonen. *Sigh* If only he was here to see it."
Dib:"Yeah. I wish so too, Zim. "
Gaz:"Me too."
Mini Moose:"Squeak."
Gretchen:"I sure wish there was a way to bring him into our world. I mean, it wouldn't even exist without him."
Zim:"*Sarcastically*Why do you think he's called "Our Founder".
As they admired the statue, the three martians, Kaput and Zosky, the robot dog and the three kids beside them were watching them from a distance. Each of them with his/her own weapon, they quietly approached Zim and his his friends.
Zim:"Yes, a one of a kind he was."
Voice from behind:"You mean one of kind of mistake!"
Zim and his friends all turned around to find the martians, Kaput and Zosky along side with the kids and the dog.
Zim:"*Gasp!*You guys!"
Kaput:"The one and only."
Dib:"What do you guys want!?"
Zosky:"What do we want? Our shows hardly got any recognition! In fact, when they did, almost every response we got was criticism! Meanwhile, you guys get all the attention and praise for nothing! And you wonder what we want?"
Gaz:"Nothing? Nothing!? Our creator put a lot of effort with us and you say for nothing!?"
The aliens and the kids all had their weapons out.
B-Bop:"I fail to see how a bunch of nonsense is effort."
Zim:"Nonsense? Nonsense!? Why don't you say that again, you worthless maggots, who hardly had any plot at all!"
2T:”Oh, we had plot. *Angrily* We just had unfair criticism!"
Zim:"Silence! YOUR show was like a parallel universe of mine!"
Mike:"Okay, that's it! Your done!"
They all began to fire their weapons, causing Zim and his friends to run.
Zim:"Curses! I should of brought my weapons when I had the chance!"
He and his friends ran everywhere, dodging the lasers from the weapons the aliens and kids were shooting from. The kids tried attacking Dib, Gaz, and Gretchen, while the aliens tried attacking Zim and Dog tried attacking Gir and Mini-Moose.
Dib:"Well, what do we do now? Hide?"
Gaz:"I don't think that's going to work, Dib. They may be idiots, but sometimes smart."
Zim:"Come on, lets head back to my base. Maybe if we can get there fast enough, and grab the weapons..."
Suddenly, a blast from one of the laser guns came right next to Gretchen.
Gretchen:"We need help!"
That was when Bart, Voltage, Plucky, Hamton and Sneezer showed up and saw what was happening.
Bart:"They're in trouble! (Taking out the FoxBlabe) We have to help!"
And he ran over the aliens and the kids. Plucky and Hamton joined him. Zim and his friends watched them fight the aliens and the kids from a distance.
Dib:"Shouldn't we help?"
Gretchen:"Yeah, we should."
Gaz:"But we don't have our own weapons."
Bart, Voltage, Plucky and Hamton used their weapons and powers and fought the kids, aliens, and the robot dog. Dog tried attacking Voltage, Plucky and Hamton got cornered by the kids, and Bart got stuck by the aliens. The fight went on for a couple minutes till Kaput and Zosky pinned down Bart. Bart tried to fight back with the FoxBlade, but couldn't lift his arm. Voltage tried running to his rescue, but one of the martians shot him with his laser, making him fall to the ground. Plucky and Hamton tried to help them, but the kids cornered them, pointing their weapons at them. They tried lifting their weapons, but one of the blasts from one of the kids' weapons made them drop them.
Gretchen:"Oh no. They're in trouble. What do we do?"
That was when keys for them suddenly appeared. A black key for Gaz which was the DeathBlade, A red one for Zim which was the DisintegrateBlade, a blue one for Dib which was the FriendshipBlade and a pink one for Gretchen which was the KindnessBlade.
Dib:"Wha..What are these, and where did they come from?"
Gretchen:"They look like the ones the kid has. They're like large powered keys."
Gaz:"But where did they come from?"
Zim:"Well, I'm certainly not going to stick around to find out! Let's go get them!"
He ran off and his friends followed. Zim ran towards the aliens and his friends joined in. Gaz and Gretchen started to attack the kids, saving Hamton and Plucky. Zim started to attack the martians, saving Voltage, and Dib started to fight Kaput and Zosky, saving Bart. They continuously attacked them. Bart, Voltage, Hamton, Plucky and Sneezer gasped.
Bart, Plucky, Hamton and Sneezer:"Four more of the Keys!!!!"
Without a moment to lose, they joined Zim and his friends and fought off the kids, aliens and robot dog, while the aliens, kids and Dog fought back. Zim kept going till he had the martians pinned down.
Zim:"Give up?"
Zim:"Alright, if that's how you want it."
He them lifted up his blade and disintegrated them into dust, killing them all. Gaz and Gretchen continued fight the kids, while the kids kept shooting lasers. Gretchen tried slashing them all at once and they all tried to shoot her at the same time, that is, until Gaz unexpectedly use her blade and hit the laser out of their hands, making them gasp. Gretchen used this opportunity and raised her blade.
Gaz:"Give up?"
The kids gulped. At that, the girls slashed the kids, killing them once and for all.
Plucky finally killed the robot dog with his piano spell and Dib killed Zosky, leaving only Kaput.
Dib:"Looks like your the only one left. Do you give up fatso?"
Kaput glared at him and aimed his laser, only to be hit out of his hand with Zim's blade.
Zim:"Okay, Dib. Lets finish him once and for all."
Dib nodded, and Kaput gulped. Zim and Dib both quickly hit him with their blades, killing him.
Everyone walked over to find him dead.
Zim:"Yes! They're gone! Those inferior slugs! We never have to deal with them again!"
Dib:"Yes, good riddance to two of the worst cartoons ever drawn!”
Gretchen:”What about the other bad nicktoons?”
Gaz:”I don’t think we have to worry about them for a while.”
Just then a explosion cloud was seen in the background.
Everyone turned around and saw the cloud.
Gaz:”Well, that was short.”
Bart:”That must be the other villains. Come on guys!”
Bart, Voltage, Plucky, Hamton and Sneezer were about to run off to fight them, when...
Zim:”Hey wait!”
The boys turned around to the Zim crew.
Zim:”You boys wouldn’t mind telling us what’s going on would you?”
Bart:”Well, since you guys have four of the keys, you have to come with us and we’ll explain on the way.”
Zim and his pals stood there for a bit.
Zim:”Might as well.”
They run off to where the cloud is.
Bart:”To catch you guys up to speed, you four have been chosen to wield four of fifteen powerful keys that can save the universe like the one I have here!”
Shows them the Foxblade.
Voltage hanging on Bart’s shoulder:”Chu!”
Plucky:”And me and Hamton have been sent by our king who has another one of the keys to find the fourteen other keys to save the universe from the wrath of creatures called The Parodies that kill anything creative and an army of lesser known shows that no one knew existed! As of now we found five of them, which are Bart’s and you guys!”
Hamton:”And right now, your planet is being attacked by The Parodies and who knows what else, besides the nine losers we just killed like weak ants!”
The Zim gang following them don’t know what to say.
Zim”Well, THAT makes scene!!! Looks like my dream was right!”
Bart:”You had a dream too?!”
Zim:”Yeah, last night!”
Bart:”Glad to see I’m not the only one!”
They keep running to where the blast came from.
Meanwhile where the explosion cloud came from...
We see the dud Nicktoons are destroying everything in sight with the Parodies.
Mr. X:”This is tooooooo easy!!!”
Mrs. X:”It sure is dear!”
Myron:”You guys find it odd that we haven’t heard back from the Martians or Kaput and Zosky?”
Todd:”I agree with Myron, you think by now those goons would call in or show up saying they killed that stupid alien and his pals!”
Tak:”Maybe they are still working on fighting them or they failed.”
Fanboy:”No wonder they are only ranked as goons, they aren’t as ranked high as most of the army like all of us here.”
Everyone there:”RIGHT!!!!”
ChumChum:”Yeah the only things goons are good for are fighting the tougher guys so we don’t have to or being used as human shields while the rest of us run for it. Even if they do die we don’t get hurt and it won’t be a loss cause the guys picked as goons are the most hated characters in history so they won’t be missed.”
Otis:”Plus the guys they battle might have use up all their ammunition fighting them so they’s be easy for the higher ranked members like us to kill the heroes.”
Just then everyone’s watch started ringing.
The bad nicktoon’s all activated their watches.
Each watch showed the same image of the leaders at The Tower Of Darkness.
Rockzilla:”Hi guys, we’re on a roll destroying the planet if you want to know our progress.”
Johnny Test:”That isn’t the reason we called!”
Mr. X:”Then what is it?”
Elroy:”Well you guys know that before everyone left to their assigned worlds that we found out where eleven of the keys would to go?”
Jimmy:”Well bad news we found out where the last four keys would go to.”
Willy:”Where is that?”
Allen:”On the planet you guys are standing on!”
All the bad nicktoons:”WHAT?!!!!!!”
Truman:”OK that IS bad!”
Hank:”It only gets worse.”
Tuesday:”How can it be worse?”
George Jetson:”It turns out the ones to wield the four remaining keys are the alien, the pointy haired boy, the goth girl and the girl with very large braces!”
Tak:”Isn’t that who the goons went to fight?”
George Jetson:”Yeah, about the goons, we just found out the spiked hair kid and the king’s men showed up to fight them and during the fight the other four keys showed up to their wielders, with all five keys they killed the three martians, the three kids, the robot dog and the two stick figures like weak flies!!!!!”
Todd:”How did you guys find out?”
Elroy:”They disappeared off the raider when they were killed!!”
Bobby:”So those four twits and those machines are STILL alive!!!”
Allen:”So the rest of you guys be careful the wielders could show up any second and slice off you faces!!!!!! We’ll be watching the rest of you guys to make sure you DON’T die. That is all!”
The transmissions end on all watches and the images go away.
Fanboy:”That was NOT good.”
Mr. X:”Relax guys those wielders are probably miles away from us, which will give us enough time to finish our work and get out of here alive!”
The other bad nicktoons agree.
Meanwhile only a few feet away...
We see that the heroes were hiding in a large bush watching everything though a giant monitor sticking out of Gir’s head.
Zim:”That’s what they think!”
Gaz:”Well, look’s like we’ll finally get revenge on nine of the worst nicktoons ever made!”
Zim:”Yes my sweet and boy are they the worst! Wayside, The X’s, My Dad The Rockstar, Back At The Barnyard, Tak and The Power of Juju, Fanboy and ChumChum, Sanjay and Craig, Breadwinners and The Secret Show!!! All of which never turned out well or lasted no more then one season!!!”
Dib:”Right on!”
Bart:”Before we attack those losers we should know what we are up against first.”
Bart:”So far it’s sixteen of us that includes my other five teammates in their PokeBalls fighting four dumb kids from a badly designed school, a family of four lame secret agents, a bad rockstar and his three family members, some stupid farm animals, a lousy native from a bad video game, two sick computer made boys, a boy and his pet snake, two ugly ducks who look like diseased frogs and some dumb secret agents who would make everything good from England beat the living daylights out of them! Plus The Parodies who are easy to fight.”
Hamton:”Looks like we’re out numbered this time.”
Plucky:”Relax Hamton, if they’re as tough as the guys we just killed were, this will a piece of cake. Also I call first dibs on those uglier then week old roadkill ducks, they give my kind a bad name!”
Sneezer:”I agree!”
Bart:”Alright everyone, (Bart let’s Muddy, Flame, Shadow, Stampy and Santa’s Little Helper out of their PokeBalls, he then draws out the FoxBlade.) Let’s move!!!!”
Everyone else who takes out their weapons:”Right!”
Back with the villains...
Tak:”Well guys, the Parodies haven’t found any of the fourteen remaining keyholes yet, so we may be here a bit.”
Zim off camera:”Or you guys could be stone dead in the next ten seconds flat!!!!”
The nine bombed shows turn and see the sixteen heroes with their weapons ready to rip them to sherds.
Truman X:”OK, this ISN’T good!”
Gaz:”You got that right loser!”
Bart:”We’ll be fair with you braindead baboons, you guys leave now with all the Parodies, no one will die”
Zim:”But you guys stay to fight us, you’ll suffer the same fate as those lame aliens replacements for me did, expect twenty times worse plus we will also slice off your faces and put them though a shedder. The choose is yours, losers!”
The bad nicktoons are quiet for a bit.
Mr. X:”We’re not leaving until this planet is gone forever!”
Bart:”OK, don’t say we didn’t warn you jerks.”
Rockzilla:”If you guys think we’re going to give up the chance to be popular that easy, you got another thing coming!”
Dib:”Popular? No one even knows you guys were even sketched to begin with!”
Victor Volt:”That’s a lie! The Secret Show was the biggest to came from England since english!”
Bart:”Really? When were you loser made?”
Anita Knight:”2006!”
Bart:”Really?! There were way better things to come from England before you losers were even thought up?”
Professor Professor:”Such as?”
Bart smirks.
Bart:”Well, what about The Beatles? Monty Python? Danger Mouse? Count Duckula? Wallace and Gormit? The Spice Girls? All them came years before you guys were even sketched! And you losers aren’t as well known as them!”
The Secret Show characters just stand there for a bit, then faint.
Bart:”Well that was easy. One down, eight to go.”
Mr. X:”Oh yeah? Well the rest of us aren’t going down that easy!!!!”
Zim:”Well, let’s see what happens! Get ready to die!”
The heroes and the villains charge at each other.
The Breadwinner ducks charged at Plucky.
Beaduce:"Well, look what we have here, the other green duck."
Plucky:"What do you mean the "other green duck"? YOU guys look more like frogs than ducks!"
Sway Sway:"This is coming from the duck who is the butt monkey of his show."
Plucky:"Butt Monkey!? You have no idea what I've been doing lately! In fact, I'll show you who's the "Butt Monkey" here! *Lifting his finger in the air* Piano come down on them!"
Beaduce and Sway Sway:"Huh?"
They looked up, and screamed. A grand piano was coming right towards them and dropped on them.
Plucky laughed.
Plucky:"You know, there WAS a bright side to me being a butt monkey all those years. Gave me time to learn millions of really powerful spells."
The Breadwinners got the piano off them, looking very beat up. They got up angry and got out their weapons, ready to strike him, but Plucky jumped out of the way. Beaduce tried to hit him again, only for Plucky to quickly use one of his spells again.
Plucky:"*With his finger in the air* Bombs away!"
An atomic bomb quickly fell on the Breadwinner ducks and it exploded on them.
Plucky:"Nice try. But you two are outnumbered to me and all 10,000 of my spells."
The 2 ducks on the ground lied on the ground, all black, looking at Plucky in defeat and their faced fell flat on the ground.
Zim got caught face to face by Otis and his pals.
Otis:"Well, if it isn't the little pathetic alien."
This made Zim really mad.
Zim:"Little!? Pathetic!? Why, I'll show who's pathetic!"
He slashed the DisintegrateBlade at Otis and Otis barely dodged it.
Otis:"Well, look at yourself. You came from a show of idiots! I mean, most people didn't even realize what you really were."
Zim:"Oh, looks who's talking steak face! You animals just barely dressed yourselves in clothes to talk to the humans. At least in my show, there were at least 2 humans that saw me for who I really was! Even though they used to be my enemies, they were people I could respect! In your show, not even that lady who knew who you were didn't recognize you in a wig and clothes! Also you’re a male cow and have udders!!!!"
Otis:"Okay, that's it!!!!"
He raised his weapon towards Zim, only for Zim to already strike him with his Blade, making him fall. The rest of the animals all raised their weapons towards Zim and shot them. Zim quickly moved out of the way, dodging them.
Zim raised his bade and bashed Annie with it, making her fall. The other animals kept shooting Zim and he ran from them.
Dib got confronted with the X's. They raised their weapons at him. Dib ran off, dodging the shots. He ran to a different direction, till he ran another way, and they didn't see him. They stopped, looking for him. They didn't realize he was right behind them till he striked Mrs. X in the head, making her scream fall to the ground. the rest of the family quickly turned around to Dib and kept shooting at him, making him run again. They chased him till they got back to the statue of Jhonen. Dib went behind it and The X’s went after him till they couldn’t see him again. Dib took this opportunity, and knocked out Truman, leaving only Mr. X and Tuesday standing.
Mr. X:"What!? That's it!"
Mr. X made his way to attack Dib, but Dib jumped onto the statue. as Mr. X and Tuesday raised their weapons towards him, Dib jumped off the statue, landing on Mr. X, knocking him out with the FriendshipBlade.
Tuesday:"You think your so tough?"
Dib:"I got the rest of your family, now all that's left is you."
Tuesday:"Not if I get you first."
She tried shooting him again, only for him to barely dodge it.
Tuesday:"You may be fast, but I'm faster."
Dib:"How do you know that for sure?"
Tuesday:"It comes with being in a spy family for years."
Dib:"Yeah, well, I've been chasing things, including Zim for years."
Tuesday tried shooting again, missing again.
Tuesday:"Your show was a waste of time."
Dib:"A waste of time? Our show had a lot of fans, unlike yours!!!!"
Tuesday:"What about the treatment you got in your show?"
Dib:"That wasn't Jhonen’s idea, he would never treat me bad! That was Nickelodeon!"
Tuesday:"At least you and I both agree that Nick is scum."
Dib:"True. It's too bad we gotta end things this way."
She tried shooting again and he ran away.
Dib then came up behind her and got her with the FriendshipBlade, knocking her out.
Zim just got the rest of the animals knocked out and walked by Dib's side.
Zim:"It's almost disappointing that this is too easy."
Meanwhile, Gretchen got cornered by Tak from the stupid Power of Juju show. He kept trying to shoot her with his magic.
Tak:"Give it up, you'll never win iron jaw!"
Gretchen:"Oh yeah? Then how did Zim, Dib and that duck take down some of your partners so easily?"
Tak glared at her and kept zapping with magic rays, only for her to dodge them.
Sanjay and Craig went after Gaz. They tried shooting her, only for them to miss and Gaz tried hitting them with the DeathBlade which they kept dodging.
Craig:"Ha! Nice try dark girl, but you can't take us down so easily!"
Sanjay shot his gun again and Gaz ran from it. She dodged the shots and came up to a boulder. With no hesitation, she hid behind the boulder. Sanjay and Craig stopped and looked around, unable to find her. Sanjay ran another way while Craig backed up next to the bolder, not realizing Gaz was right behind him, until she hit him with her key, causing him to scream and get knocked out.
Gretchen was still dodging magic from Tak.
Tak:"Come on, give up while you still can. After what happened with your show, your all worthless anyway."
Gretchen:"Oh, looks who's talking! Why don't YOU give up your evil ways guy who’s show only lasted one season!!!"
Tak:"Ha! As if! I was left in the garbage dump for no reason, now it's YOUR turn!"
Gretchen:"You know, you really do remind me of someone I once knew and I'm not talking just about your name either!"
Tak shot again and Gretchen barely got out of the way in time. Tak chased her down the street, only for her to turn into an alley way. Tak barely saw where she went and went to take a look, only to take a hit from Gretchen's key instead, knocking him out. Dib, Zim and Gaz ran over to her.
Dib:"Are you okay?"
Gretchen:"I'm fine, sweetie. I got him."
Little did they realize that Sanjay was right behind them, glaring at them, pointing his weapon.
Dib:"That's great honey."
Sanjay got ready to fire till another blast from out of nowhere came towards him and knocked him out. Dib, Gretchen, Zim and Gaz looked with shocked and looked up to find Gir who had his laser gun coming in his head with Mini-Moose next to him.
Gir:"I got him, master!"
Zim:"Good work, Gir! Next meal, I'll get you tacos and cupcakes."
Gir:"Tacos and Cupcakes! Yay!"
Bart and his Pokemon team were was getting chased by the Wayside cast, avoiding all the shots from their weapons. He turned another way, came right behind Maurecia and tried hitting her, but she caught him and quickly jumped out of the way.
Maurecia:"Nice try, Spike head, but I'm just too quick for you."
Bart:"Oh, when you mean how you guys quickly got cancelled after your show was put on air? Yeah, can't argue with that."
Maurecia glared at him. Bart and the Pokemon went around and got chased by the other kids, Dana and Myron. Dana went after Bart and Voltage and Myron chased the other Pokemon. Myron tried shooting the Pokemon, but they jumped up a tree. Bart and Voltage looked at each other and nodded. Voltage ran another way while Bart kept going the same direction. Dana kept going after Bart. Voltage sneaked behind Dana without her knowing. Voltage got closer and closer to her till Voltage struck her with an Eletroball.
She collapsed. Myron looked around, unable to find the other five Pokemon, walking under the tree, till all five Pokemon jumped out on him and attacked them with everything they had.
He then collapsed from all the attacks at once.
Santa’s Little Helper, Stampy, Muddy, Flame and Shadow then high fived all at once.
With the other cast members knocked out, it was just Maurecia and Todd. Bart came back face to face with them.
Bart:"Well, it guess it's just the 3 of us, eh?"
Maurecia glared and her fist went right towards him, only for him to jump out of the way.
Bart:"Wow, I knew you were pathetic, but not this pathetic!”
Angrier, Maurecia raised her fists to him him again, only for her to hit Todd instead, knocking him out. She gasped and turned to him, going to her knees and shaking him.
Maurecia:"Todd? Todd, are you okay? I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hit you."
Bart:"You know, that's kinda funny, because almost every time your fists are about to hit him, you often say something like I can't control it! Some girlfriend!"
Maurica:"Shut up! I really can't! I wasn't originally this way you know! And I can be a good girlfriend"
Bart:"Yeah, well, Originally you really loved ice cream. And maybe you still do, I wouldn't know."
Maurecia:"Yeah, I just hardly have it on TV, okay. I like to have it at home."
Bart:"But you do hit Todd quite often on TV."
Maurecia:"I said shut up! I told you I can't help it. The writers of our show thought it would be funny, not me! Do you think I ENJOY hitting him!? NO! I rather not do it!"
Bart:"Uh Huh. Some girlfriend."
Maurecia turned red with Fury. She went to charged after him, but Bart hit her with the FoxBlade, knocking her out.
Hamton used his WB shield, avoiding the attacks from the father of My Dad's a Rockstar. As the family got their weapons out and shot them again, Hamtom raised his shield, making them hit it, which bounced of the shield and onto most of the family and barely missing the Rockzilla and Willy.
Willy:"Serenity! Even though you pick on me, you're still my sister!"
Rockzilla:"Hold still and put down your shield!"
Hamton:"In your dreams, Rockstupid!"
Willy:"Why are you bothering? You know it isn't worth it."
Hamton:"Really? Because I was going to ask and tell you the same thing."
Rockzilla and Willy kept shooting at him and Hamton held up his shield to protect himself.
The lasers hit the shield and bounced off it and one hit Willy knocking him out, leaving only Rockzilla remaining.
Rockzilla:"My son! Okay, that's it pig! I'm going for my worst!"
Using his high powered guitar, he played it and powerful sound waves came out, going towards Hamton. But Hamton was prepared and he kept his shield in front of him. The sound waves bounced off of it and they came back towards Rockzilla.
Rockzilla:"Ahhh! No!"
The waves hit him.
Rockzilla:"*covering his ears* Ahhh! My ears!"
He collapsed. Hamton smiled and lifted his shield right in front of himself.
Hamton:"Good old WB logo.”
Sneezer shook in fear, being in the shadow of Fanboy and Chum Chum, who were about ready to squish him. They had him corned in an alley way, and were about to stomp on him. He shook and sweated in fare, till a loud whistling sound came next to him, making him look up to see Fanboy and Chum Chum were both knocked out by a large safe. Sneezer saw Plucky and Hamtom right in front of him.
Plucky:"Man, It's great to have these spells mastered."
Hamton:*Walking up to Sneezer and picking him up* Are you alright Sneezer?"
Sneezer:"Y..yes, thanks guys."
Just then Bart and the others ran over to them.
Bart:”Well, that went well.”
Zim:”You guys find it odd that it was too easy?”
Everyone is quiet.
Dib:”He has a point.”
Gaz:”Yeah, you think these guys would be more of a threat.”
Gretchen:”I think the losers were easy next to what’s going to happen right now.”
Gaz:”Which is?”
Gretchen:*Points off camera*”That!”
The heroes looked and saw an army of Parody creatures.
Bart:*Takes out the FoxBlade*”Shall we guys?”
Everyone else takes out their weapons.
Zim:”Let’s shall.”
The heroes run to where the Parodies are and start killing them.
As the heroes were tearing the Parodies to sherds, the bad nicktoons got up.
Mr. X:”Come on guys, while they are busy fighting the Parodies we can make a break for HQ!”
Tuesday:”We’re giving up THAT easy?!!”
Truman:”You really wanna fight those guys again?!!!!”
Tuesday is quiet.
Tuesday:”OK, let’s go!”
The others agree.
The bomb shows then use a device to open a portal and jump in it, The Xs are the last ones in it dragging the still knocked out Secret Show cast by their legs.
As for the heroes...
They just finished off all the Parodies.
Bart:”Well, that was easy.”
Plucky:”You got that right.”
Our heroes then saw the villains were gone.
Gaz:”Hey! Where the loser squad go?!!!!”
Zim:”They must have ran off like the cowards they are back to their headquarters.”
Gaz:”Oh well, we can get them later. Who wants to go get lunch?”
The others agreed.
Later at Bloaty’s Pizza Hog...
The heroes were having lunch including Zim who got used to pizza as time went on.
As they were eating the new guys were brought fully up to date on what’s happening.
Dib:”OK let’s do a recap, we have to go with you guys cause we have four of the keys you’re looking for to save the universe from the wrath of who knows how many other lesser known shows like the ones we just fought from destroying worlds and everything creative?”
Zim:”And Bart has to find his friends, his girlfriend and his sister?”
Bart:”You got that right!”
Gaz:”And the only way to stop these evil shows is to have all fifteen keys found?”
Hamton:”King’s orders.”
Gretchen:”And the only way to save the worlds is to lock all fifteen keyholes on each world so the Parodies will be gone forever?”
Sneezer:”Yup, one hole for each key.”
Plucky:”And we think Buster was already here and locked the hole for the WB Blade.”
Zim:”What makes you say that?”
Plucky:”Well this world is still here and the only way the Parodies can destroy a world is if they go though all fifteen keyholes to center of the planet to destroy it.”
Hamton:”But if just one keyhole is locked the planet is saved.”
The others agreed.
Gaz:”OK, but where do we find the keyholes for the keys we found?”
Plucky:”Well, they could be anywhere on this planet and could show up at anytime.”
Gaz:”You got to be kidding me! (She takes out the DeathBlade.) What are we supposed to do?! Walk all over the planet till something happens?!!! That could take years! That could take for...!
Just then the DeathBlade lite up and shot a beam out of it, a keyhole with a skull on it then opened in the wall next to the whack-a-mole.
The heroes walked over to it.
Gaz held up the DeathBlade which was glowing to the keyhole, she didn’t know what to do.
But then Zim put his hand on her shoulder and nodded.
Gaz smiled and stuck the DeathBlade in the keyhole.
It was then locked.
Plucky:”You were saying, Gaz?”
Gaz:”OK, but that was just ONE keyhole, we have to find the other thirteen!”
Hamton:”Well we can’t lock all of them now, cause we only have five keys.”
Plucky:”So we’ll have to come back when we find them all.”
Bart:”But in the meantime we’ll have to lock what we got for the other four keys, which will weaken the Parodies every time one is locked, once all fifteen are locked they’ll be gone for good.”
Zim:”Well let’s get going.”
So they left Bloaty’s to find other keyholes.
Meanwhile at The Tower of Darkness....
The leaders weren’t that happy with the bomb nicktoons, especially The Secret Show.
Mr. X:”They were tougher they we thought they would be, plus we didn’t think the goons would lose THAT fast.”
Truman:”And we didn’t know that four of the keys would show up on that planet till you guys called us!”
That got the leaders more mad.
Rockzilla:”Do you guys REALLY care about two stick figures, three stupid martians, a robot dog and three worthless kids?”
Alvin:”Not really, we knew they would die, but we wish they would have lasted longer then ONE fight!!!!!”
Victor Volt:”Well we weren’t ready for that, until that kid said all that stuff.”
Todd:”You guys aren’t going to kill us are you?”
Elroy:”Not to worry, the ONLY members we would kill would be the goons cause they are made of the worst characters ever. You guys will just be sent to the edge of the Universe to make sure more Parody creatures are made.”
Hank Hill:”Just be lucky we’re going easy on you guys, if a goon failed it wouldn’t be pretty.”
Johnny Test:”Now go and keep more creatures coming!”
The bomb nicktoons:”Yes leaders.”
The bad nicktoons went to the teleport door which sent them to the edge of the Universe.
Once they were the leaders turned back to the monitors showing the other worlds.
Johnny:”This is getting out of hand guys, now six of the keys have been found, if the other nine are found and unite that rodent king’s key, WE ARE DOOMED!”
The other leaders start to worry.
Allen:”Relax guys, the wielders only got lucky cause we didn’t know four of the keys would show up on that planet. It will take them a long time to even find the other nine keys if they are lucky. In the meantime we just got to make sure they never get here and save the two girls and their weird pets.”
The other leaders agree.
Back on Vasquezia...
The heroes were still looking for the other four current keyholes.
Bart, Zim, Dib and Gretchen have their keys to locate the keyholes for them.
Dib:”So all we have to do is keep the keys out and then a light will come out of any them to show where their keyhole is?”
Bart:”Well, that’s what happened with Gaz’s key. So stay alert.”
Just then the KindnessBlade in Gretchen’s hands lit up and a beam of light shot out of it which then hit the ground.
Bart:”See, that was quick.”
The heroes then ran to where the beam light hit.
They saw it was in front of the Skool.
Bart:”Man, that’s a weird sign you guys got.”
Dib:”Yeah, they spelled that sign wrong, I think.”
Just then in front of the skool a keyhole with heart on it was seen on the ground.
Gretchen walked up to it.
She was a little nerves, but the other nodded and Gretchen stuck the KindnessBlade into the keyhole, it was then locked.
Plucky:”Two down, three to go.”
Hamton:”Wonder which keyhole is next?”
Just then the FriendshipBlade in Dib’s hands lit up and a beam shot out of it and hit the ground far from them.
Plucky:”That answer your question?”
Hamton:”It did.”
The heroes then run to where the beam hit the ground.
They then saw it was in front of Dib and Gaz’s house.
Dib:”Wow my keyhole is in front of our house Gaz.”
Gaz:”I’m not surprised.”
In front of the house a keyhole with an eyeball symbol was seen on the ground.
Dib:”Wow, my key knew about the Swollen Eyeball Net! Which no one should know about.”
Dib then stuck the FriendshipBlade in the keyhole locking it.
Zim:”Just two left.”
Just then the DisintegrateBlade lit up.
Zim:”Looks like I’m next.”
The DisintegrateBlade then shot out it’s light beam and it hit the ground.
The heroes then followed it and it turned it was in the middle of the Cul-De-Sac where Zim’s base was.
Zim:”Well, this is a good sign.”
A keyhole with the Irken military symbol was on the ground.
Zim then stuck the Disintegrate in it’s keyhole sealing it.
Bart:”Good job everyone. All that’s left for now is my keyhole.”
Just then the FoxBlade lit up and it’s beam came out and landed.
Bart:”Right on cue!”
The heroes ran to where it landed, right in front of the statue of Jhonen.
Zim:”Well, out of all of us, I think you got the best spot.”
Dib:”I agree.”
Gaz:”Me too.”
Gretchen:”Me as well.”
Bart then stuck the FoxBlade in it’s keyhole sealing it.
Bart:”Well, that takes care of the first six keyholes including the one Buster sealed.”
Zim:”So, now what?”
Plucky:”Well, now you guys have to come with us to find the other nine wielders so we can find their keys and along the way we’ll find Bart’s friends and sister plus our king. Which means we’ll have to go to other planets and fight off anything that wants to destroy anything popular and creative.”
Hamton:”What do you say?”
Zim and his friends were quiet.
Zim:”Will we be able to fight the lame nicktoons again?”
Bart:”If we’re lucky, then yes.”
Zim:”Well, me and my robots have nothing else to do, so we’re in, right boys?”
Gaz:”And if Zim is going, I’m coming as well!”
Dib:”Me too!”
Gretchen:”Me as well!”
Bart:”Glad to see you guys are in, cause we’ll need all fifteen keys to stop this massive evil.”
Gretchen:”Yeah, but before we go, can we get our stuff? Who knows how long we’ll be gone.”
Bart:”She's got a point. Alright go get what you need. We packed our ship at that machine that shows the organ story of your planet, you can meet us there.”
Zim, Gir, Mini-Moose, Gaz, Dib and Gretchen:”Right!”
While Bart, his Pokemon, Plucky, Hamton and Sneezer went back to the Magnet Flacon, while their new friends and teammates went to get what they needed for their massive quest to save life.
An hour later near the machine with the organ story...
Everyone met up at the ship with Zim and his robots being the last show up.
Bart:”Took you guys longer then I thought. What took you three the longest to get here?”
Zim:”Had to pack up my whole base and ship. Didn’t want anyone to see my stuff.”
Bart:”Ah that explains all that noise we heard. Alright is everyone ready to fight those evil Parodies and the Lesser Known losers?!!!”
Everyone but Bart:”Yeah!!!!”
Everyone got in the Magnet Flacon and it took off for it’s next world to save, but this time with six new friends helping the ten that were already there.
To be continued...
And we are back with chapter 3 of the masterpiece! In this chapter: four more keys are found, six new friends join up with the heroes, we see what happened to the dud nicktoons and a lot more is explained of what's going on. This time my girlfriend helped.
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The 'Butt Martians' definitely filled my heart with joy when they perished :D  Mostly cause I remember how stupid that show was and what a rip-off of IZ it was trying to be.  I also quite liked when the mutant, duck 'Breadwinner' things bit the dust cause I seriously hate that show.
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I find those stupid martians a parallel poor man's rip-off of Zim! Cause even though Zim was sent on a fake mission he's STILL loyal to the Tallest and will do anything for them. But those three morons gave up on their mission and found Earth cool plus they are liars to their leader!!!! No wonder it didn't last long. Also the ones ones who died were the aliens everyone else lived cause they are needed for later.
EmperorNortonII Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
Not bad, Kevin
Zim999 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2015  Professional Writer
Thanks. :)
leesydreamy Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2015
Awesome, honey. I read it all.:)
Zim999 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2015  Professional Writer
Thanks snowflake! :)
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