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Chapter 2: Histeria Town.
In a town on another world we see Plucky and Hamton walking in the town with new outfits. Sneezer is on Plucky’s hat, while Furball is next to them.
Hamton looks up and is shocked big time.
Hamton:”LOOK!!! A STAR'S GOING OUT!!!!”
Sure enough a star goes out in the sky.
Plucky, Sneezer and Furball are shocked as well.
Plucky:”That is NOT good!!!!!”
Sneezer:”Yeah, we better move fast if we want to find the wielders!”
Plucky:”Well said kid!”
The boys continue walking.
Plucky:”Where do we start looking first?”
Hamton:”Well, the letter said we should find Toast and then he’ll help us find the first wielder.”
Plucky:”Yeah, but first we gotta find Toast and he could be anywhere in this town.”
As the boys are talking, Furball has run off into an alley cause he heard something.
Hamton:”Uhhhhh...Plucky? I think we should...”
Plucky:”Forget Hamton it, we’re not eating until we at least find Toast!”
Hamton:”But it didn’t have to do with food this time.”
Plucky:”Whatever, let’s keep moving.”
Hamton:”OK, come on Furball!”
In the alley Furball had found Bart knocked out with his Pikachu who was hiding under Bart’s jacket.
(Note: Bart is dressed as Ash from Pokemon XY in this story. Mimi is dressed as Serena from XY as well.)
Furball then rubs himself ageist Bart and purrs.
Bart still asleep:”Mmmmmm, not now Snowball 2....”
Just then Bart’s Pikachu pops out of his jacket.
He then sees the cat next trying to wake him up. Pikachu then licks Bart’s face.
Bart:”Heh heh, stop, that tickles.”
Bart then wakes up and sees his Pikachu is in his jacket.
Bart:”Uhhhhhh, what a dream boy! I dreamt our friends were sucked into a vortex, then we battled shadow monsters at the beach with a giant key and then were sucked in the vortex as well.”
Bart then looks around and sees he’s not at the beach house and then he sees the FoxBlade in his hand.
Bart:”OK, it wasn’t a dream!”
He then stands up.
Bart then sees Furball next to him.
Bart:”Oh, hello little kitten, do you know where we are?”
Furball then turns and runs off out of the alley.
Bart:”HEY!!!! WAIT!!!! Man, what was up with that cat?”
Bart then runs after Furball with Pikachu on his shoulder.
They run out of the alley.
When they got out of the alley they were shocked at what they saw.
They saw they were in another town, none they have ever saw before.
Bart:”I don’t think we’re in Springfield anymore or Pelican Bay Beach for that matter!”
Bart then starts walking around seeing the different buildings.
He then sits on a bench and Pikachu sits next to him.
Bart:”Gee boy, I don’t know what we’re going to do, we’re in another world, our friends and loved ones are who knows where, Springfield could be in massive danger, my parents and Maggie could be hurt and I don’t know what to do with this giant key but fight the monsters, but they keep coming nonstop!!!!”
He starts to cry.
Bart:”Why was I picked, boy? I was supposed to project my friends and loved ones, but I don’t know where they are!!”
Pikachu feels really sorry for Bart and gets on his lap to hug him, Bart then hugs him back.
Bart:”Thanks boy.”
They sit there for a bit with Bart crying.
Bart:”You know boy, I’m NOT going to give up that easy! We’re going to save the worlds and find every last one of our friends NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!”
Bart:”But first let’s see what let’s see what we have to work with us besides the Key.”
Bart takes off his Itchy and Scratchy backpack and opens it.
Bart:”Let’s see what we got.”
He pulls out an iPhone with really big headphones.
Bart:”My iPhone 6 Plus, containing 800 songs, millions of pictures and 459 apps.”
He then pulls out a giant wrist rocket slingshot.
Bart:”My really powerful Slingshot.”
He then pulls out a small flat square, he then presses a button in the middle of it and it turns into a hoverboard with tail fins, turbo rockets, and custom paint job of Blinky the three eyed fish.
Bart:”My custom made hoverboard.”
He then pulls out a Kalos Pokedex.
Bart:”My Pokedex with info on all 721 Pokemon.”
He then looks in the bag and sees a bunch of candy bars.
Bart:”About 42 Butterfingers for food, but I’ll leave them in the bag.”
He then pulls out an Itchy and Scratchy thermos.
Bart:”One large Itchy and Scratchy thermos filled with Buzz Cola.”
He then pulls out a crimson red 3DS, it’s charger and seven games.
Bart:”One red 3DS with charger with Pokemon Rumble Blast, Pokemon Conquest, Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, Pokemon X, Pokemon Y, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Pokemon Omega Ruby.”
He then pulls out the last four items which are: a wallet, a pair of sunglasses, a purple hood with a matching cape and small plush bunny.
Bart:”And the last of the stuff in the bag are my Itchy and Scratch wallet filled with cash, my cool sunglasses, my BartMan costume and Mr. Honey Bunny with his head back on thanks to Lisa. That’s everything.”
Bart then notices the last item which is something gift wrapped with a tag that reads “To Mimi, From Bart”.
Bart:”Plus Mimi’s gift...”
He picks it up and a tear runs down his cheek, but then he wipes it off.
Pikachu then points at the five Pokeballs in Bart’s pockets.
Bart:”Don’t worry boy, I didn’t forget about our team. In fact let’s have a talk with them on what’s going on after I pack everything up!”
Bart puts all his stuff back in his backpack.
He then let’s his other Pokemon out of their balls.
Out of the balls come: a Mudkip, a Charizard, a Gengar, a Donphan and a Lucario with big eyes.
Lucario who happens to be Santa’s Little Helper and talks though his mind:”What’s up Bart?”
Bart:”Boys, we have a big problem on our hands!”
The Pokemon are wondering what’s happening.
SLH:”Which is? (He looks around.) And where are we?”
Bart:”Well to answer both questions, we are not on our world.”
The Pokemon don’t like the sound of that.
Bart:”But’s that’s not the main problem, a little bit ago at the beach a massive storm started, then this weird black vortex opened in the sky, then out of nowhere these weird black creatures attacked us, everyone but the seven of us were sucked into the vortex, leaving only us at the beach, then the creatures attacked me and Pikachu until this giant key showed up our of nowhere”
Shows them the key.
Bart:”The key appears to have the power to fight the creatures. But for now we have to find the others.”
SLH:”You can count on us, Bart!”
Donphan who is really Bart’s elephant Stampy:”Donphan.”
Bart:”Thanks guys! I knew could count on my nobel team! But I like to add something as well.”
The Pokemon are puzzled.
Bart:”It’s time I gave the rest of you guys real names.”
SLH:”Why’s that?”
Bart:”Well since I got you guys only Santa’s Little Helper and Stampy have had names, so I want the rest of you four to have names as well to make it fair.”
The other Pokemon are shocked but then they are happy.
SLH:”I think you made the right choose.”
Bart:”Glad I did. Now let’s see. For Charizard, how about Flame cause your a fire type?”
Charizard thinks for a bit and then nods.
Bart:”Glad you like it. For Gengar, how about Shadow cause you are a shadow?”
Gengar gives a thumbs up.
Bart:”Thanks boy! Now for Mudkip, how about Muddy after Muddy Mudskipper from Ren & Stimpy?”
Mudkip then jumps for joy.
Mudkip:”MUDKIP!!! MUDKIP!!!!”
Bart:”A wise choose, now for Pikachu, how about Voltage?”
Pikachu thinks for a bit and then hugs Bart’s leg showing how much he loves his new name.
Bart then picks him up and hugs him as well.
Bart:”I knew you love it. Well boys now that that’s taken care of, let’s go find our friends!”
The Pokemon cheer as well.
Bart:”Everyone return!!!!”
Bart recalls them back into their balls, he then puts the Pokeballs on his belt this time.

Voltage then jumps on his shoulder.
Bart:”Let’s look around this place first.”
Bart grabs his bag and they leave the bench.
They start walking around the town.
They then a store with a sign that reads “The Duck Brothers‘ store”.
Bart:”This looks like a good place to start.”
Both of them walk in.
Once in the store they see three short aquamarine ducks, the only way to tell them apart is that each of them have different colored eyes, necks and antennas.
One duck has green colored eyes, neck and antennas is sitting at the counter reading a magazine.
One duck has purple colored eyes, neck and antennas is cleaning the floor with a broom.
One duck has red colored eyes, neck and antennas is stocking the shelves.
The duck with green features looks up from his magazine and sees Bart and Voltage at the door.
Green Duck:”Ooooo, customers.”
Bart then notices him and walks over to the counter.
Green Duck:”Can I help you?”
Bart:”Well, what do you guys sell here?”
Purple Duck walks by with broom:”We sell any type of potions needed for fighting.”
Bart:”Really? How strong are they?”
Red Duck:”That depends on how much damage you take fighting.”
Bart and Voltage look around and see the ducks do have many types of potions meant for healing different numbers of damage.
But then they see the prices on them and cost something called monies not money.
Bart:”I see your point boys, I’ll get back to you three on this, for now my little friend and I got to find our friends.”
They leave the store.
Red Duck:”Hmm, guess their not from around here.”
Green Duck:”Good point.”
The ducks go back to what they were doing before.
Bart and Voltage continue walking outside.
Bart:”Alien ducks running a store, can’t be the weirdest thing to happen today.”
They then come across a store called “Father Time’s ship repair”.
Bart:”Hmmmm, ship repair. Maybe he could help us since this is another world.”
They walk in the store.
When they walk in they see a bald man with a VERY long beard at the counter.
The man then turns to see Bart and his Pikachu.
Man:”Ah, hello, what can I do for you boys?”
He looks at them a bit more.
Man:”I take it, you boys aren’t from around here, you?”
Bart:”How did you know?”
Man:”I know everyone in Histeria Town up to today and I never saw you guys here till now.”
Bart:”Oh, that’s the name of this world. I take it you’re Father Time the owner of this shop?”
Father Time:”Yes, I am. And you guys are?”
Bart:”I’m Bart Simpson and this is Voltage.”
Father Time:”Nice to meet you guys. So how did you guys get to this world?”
Bart:”Well, we were at a beach with all our friends, but then a vortex showed up and sucked in my friends and then these shadow creatures showed and attacked us, then we were sucked in the vortex as well and wound up here.”
Father Time thinks for a bit.
Father Time:”Hmmmmm, that’s been happening a lot around here lately.”
Father Time:”Other people who have shown up in this town have said their worlds were attacked by shadow creatures before winding up in this town, they also feel like their worlds have disappeared just before a star goes out.”
Bart and Voltage just stand there.
Bart:”I do not like the sound of that.”
Father Time:”So who you guys looking for?”
Bart:”My girlfriend, my best friend, a eight year old sister, my good friend from the future and his wife who’s a cyclops, a robot who guzzles beer, two blue mice one male and one female, two gray cats also male and female and 18 other Pokemon who belong to my girlfriend, best friend and sister.”
Father Time:”Looks like you boys have a lot to find. You should start looking, but be carful out there.”
Bart:”We will Father Time, thank you.”
The boys leave the shop and continue walking.
Then they come across a large door, on the a large sign.
Bart then reads the sign.
Bart:”To second district. Might as well check it out.”
They walk though the door.
As the boys walk though the door, a normal run of the mill man walks by saying stuff like he’s crazy.
Man:”Must do ten more versions of the Muppet’s Christmas Carol with different casts in each one....Must re-write every live action movie in history with the cast of Family Guy and with Meg as the useless none talking characters that only appear in one scene....”
Bart and Voltage just look at him like he’s insane.
Bart:”Boy, some people in this town are insane!”
Just then the man disappears into thin air!
Bart and Voltage are shocked.
Bart:”OK, THAT was even more insane!”
But then where the man once stood the shadow creatures from the beach appear!
Bart then fights them with the FoxBlade, while Voltage zaps them with his attacks.
The creatures then disappear the same way they came in.
Bart is now breathing heavy.
Bart:”OK...That was VERY weird!”
Bart:”Let’s keep moving and hope we don’t run into more of those things.”
They continue walking.
They walk into a hotel, once they walk in another door outside of the hotel opens. Plucky, Hamton and Sneezer walk out.
Plucky:”Well that hotel was a waste!”
Hamton:”Let’s keep looking.”
In the hotel, Bart and Voltage see no one is there.
Bart:”Hmmmm, no one here. Let’s keep going.”
They go though the hotel and walk out another door.
Once they leave the hotel more of the Shadow creatures show up.
Bart:”Man, there sure are a lot of these things!”
They battle more of the creatures till they were gone.
They run into a building marked ‘Gizmo Shop’.
Once they run in, Plucky, Hamton and Sneezer walk out of another doorway near by.
Plucky:”Where could he be?!”
Sneezer:”Where are you, Mr. Toast?!!!!”
Back in the Gizmo Shop...
Bart:”I think we’re safe here boy.”
But just then, more of the shadow creatures show up out of the ground.
Bart and Voltage are shocked.
Bart:”Looks like I was wrong!”
They fight more of the shadows till they were gone, but then more show up, they fight them, but then more show up, they fight them, but then more show up.
Bart:”Man there’s no end to these things!!!!”
Finally they defeated every one of them in the shop it finally stopped.
They stand there for a bit.
Bart:”Well, I think it stopped...for now.”
They run out of the shop, they jump down a ledge and they see a door.
Bart:”Let’s check out what’s behind that door boy.”
They to the door and go in.
At that same time, Plucky, Hamton and Sneezer leave the Gizmo Shop.
Plucky:”No luck there ether.”
Hamton:”Well there’s still a few places left here.”
Sneezer:”Yeah, Mr. Toast will turn up soon.”
At that same time Bart and Voltage walk though a large house seeing no one there.
Bart:”Hmmm, no one here, let’s keep moving.”
They go though the entire house till they reach the back door.
Once they go out the back door they see they made it to and alleyway, but no one is there.
Bart:”Hmmm, too quiet....”
But just then more of the shadow creatures show up out of nowhere!
Bart:”Man!! There’s no end to these things!!!”
They fight off all of them till they are gone.
Bart:”Let’s keep going boy, I don’t want see what comes up next!”
They run though a doorway, which take them back to the second district.
Bart:”Must be a short cut.”
But then more of the creatures show up like crazy!
Bart:”Here we go again!”
After fighting more of the creatures, they run back though the door they came out of.
Just then Plucky, Hamton and Sneezer come out of a doorway above that doorway.
Plucky:”Did you guys hear that?”
Hamton:”Not sure.”
Sneezer:”I don’t think I heard anything myself.”
Plucky:”Huh, must have been hearing things.”
They walk off.
As for Bart and his Pikachu...
Bart:”OK, once we go though this door, we run back to that giant door and back to that shop, without fighting any of those shadows!”
Voltage:”Chu Chu!”
Bart:”To be sure you don’t get hurt you should hide in case they try to grab you. And I know just the place.”
Bart take off his backpack and opens it.
Bart:”You better get in, that way you won’t fall off my shoulder when we run for it.”
Voltage looks at the bag, the looks at Bart.
Bart:”Please? I don’t want to lose you too.”
Voltage then gets in the backpack.
Bart:”Thanks, you should also hold into our friends in case they fall off my belt.”
He takes the five other Pokeballs off his belt and puts them in the bag with his Pikachu.
Bart:”There, make sure our friends are safe, no matter what! I don’t want to lose you guys as well.”
Voltage gives Bart a thumbs up.
Bart:”Thanks boy, don’t worry I won’t close the bag all the way so you can breathe.”
Bart closes his bag, but leaves the zipper open a bit.
Bart puts his bag on.
Bart:”OK, here we go!”
Bart activates the FoxBlade and runs though the door.
He then runs though the second district, back though the giant door to the first district, he then runs to Father Time’s store and runs in.
Only to find a sign at the counter reading “I am working upstairs, ring bell to service.”
Bart then catches his breath.
Bart:”OK he’s not here, maybe it’s now safe to go back outside.”
He walks out of the store to see nothing there.
Bart:”Hmm, I was right.”
He walks away from the store.
Just then...
Voice off camera:”They’ll come out at you out of nowhere.”
Bart:”Spoke toooo soon.”
Bart turns to where he hears the voice.
He sees a teenage boy dressed as a biker, the boy has big buck teeth, yellow hair and a blue cap turned backwards. A red headband is under the cap.
Teenager:”And they’ll keep on coming at you, as long as you continue to wield the FoxBlade. But why? Why would it choose a kid like you?”
Bart:”What do you mean?”
Teenager:”Never mind. Now let’s see that Keyblade.”
Bart:”What?! If you want it you’ll have to prey it from my cold dead hands!!!!”
Teenager:”Alright, have it your way!”
The teenager takes out a big sword.
Then Bart and the teen have a fight to the finish!
After ten minutes of fighting, it looked liked the teenager was going to win.
Teenager:”Had enough kid?”
Bart:”Not quite, I still have one trick up my slave, or should I say in my bag!!!!!”
Voltage then jumps out of Bart’s bag and shocks the teenager.
Bart then finishes the fight by defeating the teenager.
Both of them were then weak as flies that just got their wings ripped off.
Bart:”’’re gonna...”
Bart then falls on his face.
Voltage now seeing Bart weak, hides back in the backpack.
Just then a teenage girl walks up to the boy.
Girl:”Awwwww, you’re slipping Toast.
The girl is dressed in shorts, has a yellow headband, orange hair with a ponytail with a large blue bow in the ponytail, she has really big crazy blue eyes and has a big smile on her face.
Teenage boy now known as Toast:”I went easy on the kid.”
They look at Bart knocked out.
Toast:”Looks like things are worse then we thought, way worse.”
Meanwhile on other worlds.....
We see where everyone else is since the vortex sucked them in.
We see Lisa, Mimi and Mimi’s Pikachu somewhere near a giant castle, they are on the ground knocked out with their stuff.
We then see Milhouse knocked out as well in a world made of candy in the back we see a giant sign that reads “Sugar Rush”.
We then see Itchy and Scratchy also knocked out in front of a small house which has door in the shape of a soda cup with hands.
We then see Rally and May knocked out as well they are on a bridge which is in front of a giant city on a mountain with a giant school on the tip of the mountain, a sign in the front of the city reads “Honno City”.
We then see Fry and Leela also knocked out in what appears to be the stomach of a giant whale.
Lastly we see Bender asleep in a small dark closet.
Bender in his sleep:”Kill all humans, but Fry and Leela.....”
We then cut back to Histeria Town in the alleyway.
Plucky and Hamton are walking in the alleyway. Sneezer is on Plucky’s hat.
Hamton:”Man, we must have walked though all three districts and this alleyway six times and we haven’t seen anyone who can help us yet!”
Sneezer:”I’m scared guys!”
Plucky:”Well, I’m not scared boys, there is nothing to freak me out as of...”
Just then a small hand taps Plucky on the shoulder.
Plucky jumps in air with Sneezer and lands on Hamton’s back.
He then hangs onto the pig scared.
Voice that belongs to the hand:”Excuse me? Did King Buster send you guys?”
The boys turn around and see it’s a little girl wearing a pink dress with yellow hair and a red hairband in her hair.
We just see black.
Mimi’s voice:”Come on, spike head wake up.”
We then see Bart laying on a bed, his backpack is next to him.
He wakes up and sees Mimi.
Mimi:”You ok?”
Bart:”I think so...”
Mimi:”Those creatures who attacked are after the FoxBlade. But they really want to kill you cause only the FoxBlade can kill them.”
Bart:”I’m so glad you're safe Mimi.”
Mimi:”Who’s Mimi? (voice changes) I’m the great ninja Pepper Mills.”
Light flashes and Mimi turns into the girl who was talking to Toast.
Pepper:”You over did it this time Toast.”
Toast:”Yeah, I would have won if his electric mouse didn’t attack me.”
Bart then sees the giant key next to Toast.
Bart:”So it’s called the FoxBlade?”
Pepper:”Yeah, we had get you and the key out from the open to avoid those creatures. That’s how they knew where you were.”
Toast:”It was the only way to protect all of us from their powers. But it doesn’t work on a group for long. Still hard to believe you are one of the fifteen chosen ones.”
Toast picks up the FoxBlade and it teleports to Bart’s hand. Bart is then shocked.
Toast:”Well, I guess it made the right choose.”
Bart:”Why don’t you just tell me what’s going on!!!!”
Meanwhile in the next room...
The little girl now known as Charity Bazar was talking to Plucky, Hamton and Sneezer.
Charity:”OK, you guys there are many other worlds besides WB Castle and Histeria Town, Right?”
Hamton:”But they’re suppose to be a secret.”
Charity:”They been secret cause they never been too close to each other, until now. When the Parodies came everything changed.”
Cut back to the room Bart, Toast and Pepper are in.
Bart:”The Parodies?!!! So they are real like my dream said!!!”
Toast:”So you had a dream vision?”
Bart:”Yes, two days before this happened.”
Pepper:”Well those are the creatures that attacked you in the streets.”
Toast:”They feed off the minds of innocent creatures and drain EVERYTHING creative about them till they only write non stop fanfiction parodies till what they parody is awful and the creatures die.”
Pepper:”They also drain the feelings and memories they have for people they love.”
Toast:”The more parody stories are written the more powerful they get!”
Pepper:”Hey, have you heard of the Lesser known shows army?”

Cut to the next room...
Hamton:”Lesser known shows army?”
Charity:”They are in link with the Parodies. With their help they’ll destroy all the worlds of the Well known shows, movies, comics and games till they are the only ones left.”
Hamton:”Oh, so that’s what Buster went to fight!”
Charity:”Yes, me and my friends were thinking the same thing.”

Hamton:”We got to find him quick!!!”
Plucky:”Wait! (Plucky moves the camera so he can be seen.) First we need the other fourteen keys!!!!!”
Charity:”That’s right, the Keyblades.”
In the next room...
Bart:”So this is one of the keys?”

Pepper:”Yup, it’s known as the FoxBlade, it’s powered by the wielder’s courage.”

Toast:”The Parodies and lesser know shows fear all fifteen keys. That’s why they’ll never stop till you and the other wielders are dead.”
Bart:”Well, I didn’t ask for this.”
Pepper:”The keys choose their masters and the FoxBlade choose you.”
Toast:”So, now you’re a wielder.”
Bart:”Great, one minute I’m a normal kid, now I wield a giant key and have to save life from stupidly.”
Toast:”Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.”
Bart:”Well, I’m going out to find my friends and sister no matter what!”
Toast:”You sure you’re ready for this kid?”
Bart:”More then ever!”
Toast:”Cool. Pepper, go get Charity, she must have found the other visitors.”
Just then....
A Parody knight shows up.
Toast:”Pepper! Run!!”
Pepper then runs though the door into the next room.
When she hits the door, Plucky was behind it and the door hits him.
Charity sees Pepper run by and follows her.
In the first room...
Toast grabs his big sword.
Toast:”Bart, Let’s take them out!”
Bart grabs his bag off the bed and he and Toast run out the hotel.
In the next room, Plucky has been flatten by the door.
In the alleyway....
Toast:”Don’t bother with these wimps find the leader! Let’s go!”
Toast runs off.
Bart:”Well, here we go again.”
Bart then fights more of the creatures.
He then runs out of the alleyway though the doorway to the second district.
He then fights off more of them, till he sees a door to the third district.
Bart:”Hmmmmm, didn’t get a chance to check out the third district before, might as well go now.”
He goes though the door.
Once he’s through the door....
On a balcony, Hamton is seen looking over the edge.
Just then one of the Parody knights appears.
Hamton takes out a shield with the WB logo on it.
Hamton:”Oh my, are these the Parody creatures?”
Plucky now has a wizard staff. Sneezer is hiding in his pocket.
Plucky:”Let’s go get them Hamton!!!!!!”
Just then a blast is seen, knocking the boys off the balcony.
They then fall on Bart.
They then see the FoxBlade.
Plucky and Hamton:”Hey! One of the keys!!!”
Just then more of the Parody Knights show up.
The get up and know what they must do.
The three of them now working together fight off the Parodies till they were gone.
Once the Parody Knights were gone...
A giant Parody Suit of Armor showed.
The heroes then battled the suit till it was dead.
Bart:”Well, that went well.”
Plucky:"You got that right.”
Hamton:” that your key?”
Bart:”Yeah, why do you ask?”
Plucky:”Well, we been looking for the fourteen wielders and we found you.”
Bart:”You been looking for me?”
Plucky and Hamton:”Yup.”
Just then Toast, Pepper and Charity are seen behind them.
Toast:”They too have been seeking the wielders of the fourteen keys.”
Pepper:”It was an order by their king who has one of the keys as well.”
Charity:”It’s the only way to stop the Parodies and save the universe from dying of stupidly.”
Plucky:”Hey kid, we really need your help. We need your key plus the other thirteen other keys to save the universe.”
Hamton:”So can you come with us? We can go to other worlds on our ship to save them and find the other wielders.”
Bart:”I wonder if I can find my friends...”
Plucky:”Of course.”
Hamton:”You sure Pluckster?"
Plucky:”If he’s a wielder, he needs to be with us to save the worlds and find Buster no matter what.”
Toast:”Bart, go with them. Especially if you want to find your friends and sister.”
Bart:”Yeah, you’re right. I’m in with you guys.”
Plucky:”Plucky Duck.”
Hamton:”Names Hamton J. Pig.”
Sneezer jumps out of Plucky’s pocket and onto his hat.
Sneezer:”I’m Sneezer.”
Bart:”I’m Bart Simpson. But I’m not the only one coming with you three.”
Plucky:”What do you mean Bart?”
Bart:”I got a loyal team of six backing me up.”
The boys look around and see no one in front of them besides Bart and the three kids.
Plucky:”Well, where are they?”
Bart:”Right here.”
Bart takes his bag off one of his shoulder and opens it. Voltage then pops out.
Bart:”Say hello to Voltage.”
The boys are shocked of what Bart’s was hiding.
Plucky:”OK, who are the other five teammates you got?”
Bart:”I’ll show you.”
Voltage jumps on Bart’s shoulder as Bart reaches into his bag and takes out the other five Pokeballs.
Bart:”Say Hello to...(Throws one ball in the air and his Mudkip pops out) Muddy!”
Bart throw another ball in the air and his Charizard pops out.
Bart throws another ball and his Gengar pops out.
Bart throw another ball and his Donphan once his elephant pops out.
Bart throws his last ball in the air and his Lucario once his dog pops out.
Bart:”And finally Santa’s Little Helper who can talk with his brain!”
Santa’s Little Helper:”Hey, how’s it going?”
Bart:”And that’s my team.”
Plucky, Hamton and Sneezer were shocked that Bart had a team of Pokemon with him.
Bart:”So is my team in or not? Cause if I’m in so are they.”
The boys are quiet for a bit.
Plucky:”Looks like we got more help Hamton.”
Hamton:”We sure do Plucky.”
Plucky:”Welcome aboard guys.”
The three animals put their hands out.
Bart and his six teammates put whatever they have for hands on top of theirs.
Hamton:”All for one, one for all!”
Plucky:”Well said!”
And with that a friendship team had began.
Meanwhile at a place known as the Tower of Darkness....
We see the heroes are being viewed on a giant monitor by a bunch of shadowy figures.
We see a boy in a chair with two gophers one male and one female, a goofy looking alligator, a penguin wearing glasses and holding a microphone, a happy looking pickle and a mean looking porcupine next to him.
The boy known as Jimmy:”The little spike head took out that Parody armor suit! He’s tougher then we thought he'd be!”
We then see three giant chipmunks sharing another chair.
Alvin:”What’s worse is, he’s been chosen by the FoxBlade one of the fifteen keys that can defeat us and our army of Parodies!”
Simon:”If the other keys and their wielders are found by them, we don’t stand a chance at taking over the universe!”
Theodore:”And that’s not good!”
We then see a tall red haired man, with a red haired woman, a teenage white haired girl, a short yellow haired boy, a gray dog, a little puffball alien and a robot maid at a bunch of chairs, the robot is serving coffee.
George Jetson:”Well, all the lesser known shows that are working with us have all been sent to another planet to destroy that show, movie, comic or game. Once they and the Parodies destroy the heroes of those worlds with nonstop Parodies that world will be gone forever!!!!”
Elroy:”Yes dad, that little spike head, his pets and those lackeys of that king won’t be able to save all those worlds!!!”
Astro:”Rou rot rhat right!”
We then see a boy with flaming hair in a chair, with two older girls and a dog on his hind legs next to him.
Johnny Test:”Hold it Jetsons! You forgot that the other wielders of the other keys are on other worlds! They might find that brat’s friends on the way!”
Dukey:”Yeah, the more keys found, the more powerful they get!”
We then see four men each with a beer, a woman and a short boy.
Hank Hill:”Let’s not forget that boy can cause a lot of damage by himself, now that he has the FoxBlade, six high powered pets, a wizard, a knight and little guy that can knock over anything just by sneezing!”
Bobby Hill:”Well said dad.”
Everyone then argues.
We then see a short boy with glasses, two men and a girl with a weird shaped head.
Allen Gregory:”Hold it everyone! (Everyone is quiet) Let’s look at the numbers. On the kid’s side he has himself, his six weird pets, one duck, one pig, one little mouse and the king who they have yet to find. On our side there’s our six shows combined, plus we have our army of lesser known short lived shows which is made of fifty shows, plus we have our goons which is made up of six shows, one sequeled to death movie series, thirteen bad comic strips and seventeen bad characters. With the combined forces of all of us plus the Parodies, the universe and the wielders alone won’t stand a chance!!!!!!”
Peggy:”But what if all the wielders are found?
Allen:”If all the wielders and their keys are found and they are together, we WILL lose for good! So we have to make sure they aren’t found no matter what! Specking of which we have already found two of the wielders.”
Then we see an image of Lisa, Mimi and Mimi’s Pikachu in a dark cell knocked out on the floor.
Jimmy:”That’s good, knowing spike head, he’ll do ANYTHING to save his little sister and girlfriend!”
Elroy:”And once he and his pals get here, we’ll be waiting for them!”
Judy:”And they won’t stand a chance!”
Jane:”If they can withstand our armies on the other worlds!”
Alvin:”Specking of our army, how’s their progress?”
Rosie:”Good sir! Half of the planed worlds are almost drained of everything creative, but the worlds won’t die, due to the fact one keyhole has been sealed!”
Golly Gopher:”Must have been that stupid king, as long as one keyhole is sealed the Parodies can’t destroy the world forever!”
Tux the Penguin:”Relax, the Parodies can still do lots of damage to the worlds, even if one keyhole is sealed!”
Allen:”It doesn’t matter, once all the popular shows’ worlds are gone, we and our army will be the only ones left in the universe! And we will have all the fame they once had!!!”
Fade to black.
Meanwhile back in Histeria Town...
We see Bart, Voltage, Plucky, Hamton, Sneezer, Toast, Pepper and Charity in the town’s square.
Toast:”Remember, look out for each other, find your friends and the other wielders.”
Pepper:”Or the worlds of the good shows and everything creative will be gone forever!”
Charity:”So don’t lose hope!”
Plucky:”The Magnet Falcon is parked outside the master door.”
Bart:”What’s that?”
Plucky:”That’s our high powered ship. But you need to learn more attacks like magic.”
Plucky snaps his finger and the FoxBlade glows.
Plucky:”There, now you know the fire spell. You’ll learn more spells along the journey.”
Bart:”Cool! Now now can we get going?”
Plucky:”Not quite, we’re going to need some healing potions for this journey to keep us alive. And I know just the guys to help us.”
They walk over to the store that Bart went in early.
They walk in to see the three alien ducks from before.
Plucky:”Hello cousins!”
Green Duck:”Hey guys, it’s Plucky!”
Purple Duck:”And the spiked haired kid from before!”
Red Duck:”You guys ready to start shopping?”
Plucky:”You bet we are boys!”
After buying lots of potions the boys walk out of the store.
Hamton:”So those three are your cousins, Plucky?”
Plucky:”Yup they’re on a far part on my dad’s side of the family tree.”
Bart:”Well, now that we’re stocked up on potions, shall we get going?”
Plucky:”You bet we will!”
Sneezer:”And I’ll keep track of everything in my journal!”
Bart:”Well then, let’s blast off!!!”
The went out the big door to where the Magnet Falcon was parked and they got on.
Then they blasted off to save the worlds from the evil shows and find the other wielders plus Bart’s friends.
As the ship went in to space a massive adventure had began.
To be continued...
Hey everyone, next chapter is up! In this chapter Bart and his Pokemon who now have names, meet their new friends, we find out what's attacking the worlds, we see where the other main characters are since the vortex sucked them in and we see what the heroes will be up against. More will be seen later.
Note: I wrote this chapter myself since my girlfriend was busy. But we will do the rest together. 
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